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That monitor is drunk.

I can’t imagine this being someones first viewing of Level1Tech News. They will see drunken Ryan holding a wine bottle. with ammunition on the table, and a wine glass full of tide pods depressingly reading the news. This is next level tech news :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s so very blunt. I laughed at Ryans thoughts on the Atari Box.

The Montezuma’s Revenge thing is pretty interesting, IMO. I mean, they tought a machine to learn a new task by giving it an example. That’s pretty amazing! Can you image a worker robot being told by a person how to do a task on the spot and then having that robot perform that task? Babysteps.

Or perhaps on a smaller level, image bots in an online FPS that could learn to outsmart players by watching them move in game? In game bots learning to mimic the human player behavior.


OMG! I would have assumed the 2nd video would not have the same flickering. I don’t mind Drunk News from Grizzle but this flickering is something that didn’t have to happen a 2nd time. : S Great episode though in terms of content. I also am wondering with these episodes this week will these end up being the most watched ever? Grizzle may just split off and have his own show. : O Tek Syndicate split … now …

: O

About Montezuma’s Revenge … a great old school game. Play it.

Also when I said it was a great episode it was also great because it made me laugh more than a few times. The liquor often just loosens people up even more. I think that even though Grizzle is often good without the booze this definitely made for an even better Grizzle this time. That is saying something cuz Grizzle is damn good without the liquor.

In regards to self driving cars I don’t mind them but I think getting large mass transit that is not bad for the environment is more important. Also I do got to say that not having cars you can get that are high performance and sexy and drive would kind of kill a great part of what makes the world fun. Even if they kept the high performance and sexy but the car drove itself that just isn’t enough.

iPhones … LOL! Good to hear horrible news about this company that charges way too much for their garbage. Still though the fact that we have to worry about people getting hold of a phone and breaking into our home says something about this world … It is horrible.

Huawei being a bad company now. Got to make money at any cost and lock down consumers to just them. Yeah no shocker. Die commerce die.

The reference to the Branch Dividians when talking about this story … 14:28 - A group of Bitcoin nerds are trying to secede from America … was hilarious. The thing is I thought of that other group that tried to have a special place of their own and they are …

The People’s Temple led by Jim Jones.

Cryptocurrency addiction … Eh helping human beings in any way is a good thing. I think though the best way to help in these situations is to get rid of commerce and have the world live as one but that will never happen with the kind of thinking we have by most on this planet right now.

Asus … 20 GPU cryptocurrency mining mobo? Eh no more purchasing Asus products for awhile. Hell I haven’t bought their stuff in awhile anyway as there has been no need to with so many good products out there from so many other brands.

Whatever else I missed commenting on who cares as the bottom line is this show was extremely entertaining in terms of content and Grizzle.

“They’re buying waymo cars”
I laughed at that… shoot me. I’m not even drinking. :frowning:

Very good episode, this and the one from Monday.

Hope to see more of Ryan making the news solo.

So while the desert is not wet… could it be… moist?

Yeah, I was thinking “Was that ammo on there before?”

I will also drink to the travesty that is locked bootloaders, on the weekend.

As I once told a pastor: I watch the watchers watch the watchers watching the watchers.

Grizz + Wine = Great times.

I don’t care who you are.


Yeah, 9mm and .556x.223 on the table, a bottle of wine and a love doll in the background. Griz knows how to party. :slight_smile:

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