Level1 News June 4 2019: Windows VS. Commies | Level One Techs


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back door open


Tell you what, if I ever saw a thread titled Windows vs Commies, dat boi would get a big ol :lock:


when they do it, its tech policy

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You have to admit there is way less sperg detected vs some of the stuff you can see on here… some of those type posts I can even hear the saliva spraying from ops mouth as they post…


I think that does go on, but there are some of us here who are capable of rational thought.


Audio was better, but post processing is worth looking at. Not sure what the cause was, but thank you to all of you for looking into it.

I know its annoying to deal with people moaning about it, but we’re the ones listening to it! Imagine how annoying it is to have your angelic voices impeded by sub-par audio production.

Its as if you love eating a nice spaghetti and meatballs, but instead of marinara, its diarrhea.

Looking forward to the rest of this weeks L1News!

isn’t that why you used to sit behind the monitors.

So because the air is not MOISTTTTTTTTTTT enough the centipedes are having issues. MOISTTTTTTTT. Just had to say it again for effect.

Military commercials… yeah, they slightly over exaggerate the fun factor. Stateside you certainly are not doing all they show. Now if they showed picking up pine cones at general houses, mowing fields that are mostly dirt, edging, police calls, barrack inspections for the fuck of it because there is nothing else on the schedule, standing around waiting for someone to watch you pee for the 2nd or 3rd time in a month… they would be fairly accurate.