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Hitting 5GHz per core seems at a reasonable power wattage without using some sort of insane 1HP cooler (my god) just seems like a pipe dream to me. I guess silicon just becomes pretty unstable at that frequency, especially when there are 28 cores running at that speed. AMD is taking a conservative approach with their 32-Core Threadripper 2 , it runs at 3GHz and 3.5GHz boost? AMD just seems to be going with more cores with a lower overhead.

Really would like to see CPU’s move past silicon to pass that 5GHz barrier.

AMD are stealing that price to performance based CPU market. Threadripper 2 looks like a great CPU for the price.

Also, the underwater data server sounds kind of cool. Though imagine it going down thanks to a beached whale.


Do Americans really pronounce hyperbole to rhyme with Superbowl?


Where is the PIA affiliate link?




Is how I pronounce it.

Although the local accent can throw a spoke in the wheel.


In the sticks yes, unless you’re talking about math


Its high-per-bowl-ee. :stuck_out_tongue:


IIRC almost no other countries have summer breaks. It’s actually worse for knowledge retention to take a break from education. People forget shit real fast.


(Navy “security”)

It’s been the opinion of dissidents for centuries that the primary enemy of government tends to be it’s own citizenry. This may be supported by the surveillance and illegal search that we’re witnessing in recent times. This emergence of sophisticated security measures like encryption being distributed is probably a fresh, new hell for governance. There is a long lived pattern of control of information that goes back to remote antiquity that may be in jeopardy; if information can be traded liberally and privately.


Genetic engineering is difficult because of the enormous amount of complexity that systems in the bath interact with. This is a lesson that Monsanto learned with farming in open land. There was high legal expenditures, contamination, regulation and of course resistance. The latter became a huge problem when the go to solution was using more Round Up ™. It was good for the stockholders because the increased amount of usage kept the profit margins on a steady upturn. The issue is that pesticides and herbicides can be aired off of crops to a certain dosage. When that particular dosage was being approached, and trace amounts could be detected in produce upon delivery, the jig was essentially up. Another solution was in order.

There are at least a few possible solutions; but vertical farms may be the best one. Since they are controlled environments, there is some control of the complexity that the produce would interact with. For instance pesticides and herbicides may be irrelevant in and indoor, controlled environment. This would be bad news for Round Up ™ as there is not only no need for herbicide but also no need for the genetic modification to be resistant to it. This is established complexity in their model that is not only becoming obsolete but also being driven into extinction due to environmental adaptation to it. The whole point of the produce is to be palatable and nutritious; and the environment has cucked that .

It’s clear that they are in the midst of an epic failure; but this isn’t just bad news for Monsanto. They feed 3 billion (or more) people in the west. They are also significantly influential in western economies; being a mega-corporation. This is bad… really bad. The only real solution is diversification of business models; by adopting new technologies; and that’s going to be expensive. The only other option seems to be mass poisoning and increases in instances of cancer. The real problem is that it was allowed to go this far. This is why the term “Externality” in Economics is literally, extremely dangerous. There are no closed systems. All systems interact with some degree of bath.


This man didn’t forget shit at all.


Only when they’re running on jet lag.



You plugged using freeBSD, linux, openBSD, etc for you router…

Do you recommend just straight iptables or do you suggest using a dedicated distro? (eg… pfsense)


Is the affiliate not working?
I don’t see a change in pricing.

EDIT: nvm i get it affiliate. stupid me, to bad i already bought PIA one week ago :frowning: but i pay monthly and wanted to upgrade to yearly


Really wonder how PIA isn’t in legal trouble yet, I mean they are a US company, no? Wasn’t there something they are obliged by law to log?