Level1 News July 19 2019: Fear Of A Rogue Ploonet | Level One Techs


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Post-Mushroom Ryan probably vapes and won’t shut up about how he only eats things that don’t have eyes, so don’t do it! I think this mushroom guy only pretends he wants to be the next Timothy Leary, but in fact he wants to patent all the mushroom chemicals and become a billionaire.

As for the baby bird, you should just leave them alone: Snakes gotta eat too, after all.

Poor Jordan Herzog can’t go outside and play without his father screaming, “Get back inside and play videogames all night OR ELSE!

IIRC Earth’s moon is currently slowly moving farther away from the Earth and could eventually drift off by itself – no nuclear explosion necessary; but it’s possible that the sun will have expanded and dragged down both the Earth and Moon (plus Mercury and Venus) well before that point. Uncertainty is from how orbits may shift as the sun loses mass and boring old long-term complex interactions among the planets.

The collision thing is the current best hypothesis on how the moon formed after a (hypothesized) Mars-sized planet Theia crashed into the early Earth, creating debris that eventually coalesced the moon.

yep… I remember the juggalo face recognition story !! What was it two years ago?

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