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contractor point of veiw on the uk electric car charging station story.
this new law is also going to outline the standards of these charging stations with things like “you must protect the power lines with metal conduit” which will keep shady contractors from doing the absolute minimum they can get away with and their being a fire the next week.

this is also going to prevent a shady contractor tactic where you make a bid for the absolute bare minimum definition of the job and you bid low but leave out a lot of things like charging stations and when the client ask for these things you up the rate significantly after you already have the contract.

the other guys are bidding for the whole job and bidding at a reasonable price, but the shady guy isnt. if you HAVE to do “list of things” then you cant leave that out of the contract with high renegotiation fees. and the consumer is actually getting honest quotes.

it’s like selling a power supply without the cables and the case or fan for a “cheaper price” but with all those propitiatory parts costing extra, and no returns allowed.

RU DNS / Alternate DNS

There already are some alternate roots like OpenNIC, which also adds a few custom Top Level Domains (TLDs) in addition to all the standard ICANN/IANA domains. ORSN is another, less active project, that simply clones the ICANN/IANA root, but has their own servers.

The wiki page below mentions three additional root servers, but these all have partnerships with OpenNIC and their custom TLDs are accessible to OpenNIC users. The article also mentions RFC2826, which is an “IAB Technical Comment” espousing the benefits of a single shared root.

PRC and ROC/Taiwan

The whole issue of the government headquartered in Taiwan is not quite as simple as you suggested.

The question of whether the government is the rightful government of all China (mainland and Taiwan) or merely the government of Taiwan only is a major division between political parties. If you want to read more about this:

About the EU fine for Android, I feel this comment on HN explains it nicely:



A better source:

The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its Android market dominance by bundling its search engine and Chrome apps into the operating system. Google has also allegedly blocked phone makers from creating devices that run forked versions of Android.

How is it any different

Apple doesn’t have a dominent search engine to push down the throat of device makers.

They also don’t have an iOS consortium nor do work with other makers, so there is no bullying makers into doing what they want “or else”.

As others pointed out Apple is not in a majority position in the first place, but this fine is mainly bound to how the search engine and google suitr services come in the picture, and not on android on its own.