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BUSINESSPERSON: “But if you work for free you’ll get exposure!”
ARTIST: “People DIE from exposure.”

I can imagine during the Canada goose roundup that some of the workers kept saying, “Papers, please,” and let the tagged geese go.
(Scott Rea does a nice set of videos on preparing Canada goose.)

With that new AI schools will start punishing kids for being pushed into their lockers and whatnot. Bullies are very good at gaming the system to not get caught, and this will be no different.

Did you mean that neutrinos oscillate instead of decay? (Or is that technically still a “particle decay”?)

I wanna be CRISPd.

Then I could get big huge muscles. And better cognition, like those babies will supposedly get.

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As a Canadian, kill as many geese as you want, they’re like aggressive flying sky rats that bomb cars and infest fields with crap. It’s a win win situation, get rid of a pest; and feed the less fortunate.