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Cassie’s Master Card:

That image is (apart from probably not being real anyway) not anything critical. Those first 8 digits are the same for every card issues by that company, there’s probably even services out there that have a list of companies and their first 8 digits. There’s really not a lot going on there.

More info here:

TL;DR: The numbers are standardised by ISO/IEC 7812 and registered/allocated by the ABA.

Also to actually make transactions in most reasonable shops you need the CVC code on the card as well. That card is also only valid in their theatres and I assume you need to carry the physical card with you.


I believe the OLED burn-in was extremely intentional on the part of Nanosys. The logo they were using is like a worst-case scenario for burn-in. Plus they are a manufacturer of quantum dots, so they are completely invested in LCD technology. Showing OLED burn-in was probably a primary purpose of their demo - that and showing that the LCD was brighter. In a brightly lit convention center, the OLED would likely have appeared dim by comparison, and the perfect blacks would have been irrelevant. Not saying burn in isn’t a thing, and I do hope LG makes things better, but I would put money on the burn in being something Nanosys went out of their way to produce.


I think the point was not even give the info He/She did. We all understand how not safe the servers are these days.


Yeah I understand that, but my point was that people could even write bots to try and match random names with random numbers if they just knew their bank (which shouldn’t be hard because that data is in the Equifax breach IIRC). That would be enough for finding the first 8 digits because issuers are registered.


In my experience, a fictional person and card number/expiration/etc is created for credit card advertisements. I believe people with the same name (if any are found) are contacted and asked for permission and possibly paid a small amount for their consent.