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Level1 News January 28 2020: Don't Chip Me Bro | Level One Techs

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People preorder digital games so that they can preload them.

Apparently there are people who cannot wait for the game to download if they buy it on launch day.

I live in Alaska and it is interersting that the ARS article states “About 80.5 percent of Alaska’s 740,000 residents live in areas with access at that speed, the FCC report said. The numbers are 96.4 percent in urban Alaska and 51.6 percent in rural Alaska”
The issue is there are 2 major ISPs in Alaska.
ACS (up to 10mbit down and ~1mbit up but unlimited)
GCI (up to 1gbit (in select areas) with data caps unless you get the 1gbit plan)(which you cannot get in most areas)