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Regarding IBM layoffs:
My father-in-law worked for IBM for many years (sales), and at one point, he believed he was about to be let go by a new female boss, and it was looking like it was because of his age (he was 56). Before that could happen, he died suddenly of heart failure. That was mid-2010.

In case anyone is interested, I spoke with my wife about this, and the potential job loss her father faced was coincidental and unrelated to his age; I only thought it was about cycling out the expensive old-timers.

I am on Verizon and most of the robocalls I get are from “my” NPANXX. I don’t know anyone with my NPANXX so I don’t answer… and its never been a real call. This is the most infuriating part about the robocalls, Verizon knows exactly where these come from. Even with spoofed CID there are going to be fingerprints left as to an origination source (even with a spoofed IP), they have the spying tools to stop these calls… and they don’t.

Verizon unions… have to agree with Ryan. This is the kind of thing they do… can you blame any company from not wanting them around?

Using 11 year old daughter as a road block:

Those shirts are very interesting… real hard to have any sort of sympathy for unions with this level of nastyness.

Now this is a gem from the UAW:


As part of the violence campaign aimed at the non-striking workers, union militants dumped a severed, bloody cow’s head on the hood of a worker’s car and another in a worker’s backyard. In addition to the claims against the union itself, the lawsuits charged several union militants with civil conspiracy and other counts for making death threats, shooting out windows, sending obscene mail, acts of stalking, theft of property, and harassing workers on the job to coerce them into quitting their jobs.

I know so many ex-Nokia people… and N900 was my favorite phone… It had a debian based linux os and I LOVED THAT :sob:
I miss apt-getting those maemo repos for app updates… :cry: