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Boorus would be extinct as soon as we get personal AI that can just generate images

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I heard a really good reason from barnacles and jaystwocents about the whole 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers thing. Its too weed out all of the bot channels that just download the most popular searches and reupload them to a channel and just farm views to make money. This would set the bar high enough that it is not profitable anymore.

Realistically if youre a channel that falls below that line your not gonna rely on the income in the first place. This will suck for indie channels right now but it could get alot better for them as the bot channels die off because the CPM might go back up over time because they wont be responding to such a huge volume of DMCA requests

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Why can’t they just kill the bot channels?

Side note, Bitconnect was always 100% a scam

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Thats what this might be designed to do. Anybody can just create a account and upload videos. This raises the bar just high enough that its not profitable for bot channels todo this anymore.

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The issue is that the problem is systemic and there is just too many of them to just weed out and ban the channels. The only way to fix issues like this is to change the culture around the way the bots make money so it isn’t beneficial for them to do it anymore.

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Can’t just assign a unique thing to uploaded videos and weed out any newly uploaded videos that have that same unique thing?

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its not worth the processing power when most videos get 1-2 views and makes little to no money. Why spend the $0.05 on trying to ID and tag the video when it does not even return that much money. There are also other simple ways around that like just scaling the video a small amount, making it slightly blurry, putting a watermark on a small part of it, etc.

This solves 2 things. It removes a fairly large portion of the demonetization problem where the bot channels are just straight up pirating content and making money off of it and it prevents the bot channels from exsisting in the first place preventing them from making money

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(AI bird painter)

The Ai that paints birds is using a technique that isn’t that far removed from what some concept artists use. It’s a layering technique; where you begin by creating a background that is pretty much a suggestion of structure that sets a mood and lighting dynamics. Then layers of detail are added to it.


A lot of flux should probably be expected with BitCoin right now. There needs to be some incentive to grow the network. As it stands, the overwhelmed network is making the miners a lot of money; via transaction fees. Large dips may cause something to give. Not sure, but maybe.


It really doesn’t. Bots will sub to bots and bots will “watch” videos. :smile:

Still Using my lg-g3 =) new battery but its still faster than my laptop o.0


The opening joke should have been a joke inside another joke.

blah blah non essential personnel blah no more humans… we are robots.

I thought they already spent time scanning videos for automatic content ID and matching audio?

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If you are curious about undocumented instructions

Breaking the x86 Instruction Set

GMail ad profile

About half a year ago, Google stopped using emails for ad profile data:


Drone lifeguard

isn’t that a scene from The Circle?

Call centre software

I have to ask @ryan, did you add shibboleet support?


Content ID is a technical solution to a social problem. Sure it helps but they are always way around the blocking mechanisms and we know how bad YouTubes content ID system can be. This should prove much more effective as YouTube won’t have to rely on the content ID system to police the bot channels because it wouldn’t be profitable for them to exist anymore.

@wendell FYI the audio download is only 8 min long, I didn’t see anyone mention that.

Plastic pizza? It already exists… its called Little Caesar’s


try now?

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Still not working for me. Download fails at 58.1MB on muh Android.

Just did a manual refresh. Podlisten lists today’s episode as 8MB (usually they are around 60-80MB) and says it was uploaded 15 hours ago. Looks like the file wasn’t updated on the server. (I did point Podlisten to https://level1techs.com/podcasts/feed)

Already watched it, so I hadn’t noticed that until just now.