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The PC market experienced growth for the first time since 2011, driven by vibrant business demand for Windows 10 upgrades

So people actually buy new computers instead of just buying Windows 10?

System requirements haven’t really changed since Windows 7.

To be honest, I’m kinda glad Google is phasing out the User-Agent String. It hasn’t served any purpose beyond statistics for years, and shouldn’t be used anywhere else anyway - see also: feature detection.

A lot of websites still pull shady shit when they see a user agent they don’t recognise (see also Vivaldi pretending to be Chrome for this exact reason).

Not sure about the cookies, but I guess LocalStorage serves a similar purpose, only that JavaScript needs to be enabled… But I guess that’s fine :fire:

Is there any site or audio feed that I can use to import the Level1News into AntennaPod?

Yes, if you’re a Patron you should be able to use that.

It’s businesses whose sysadmins have been grinding teeth for years on this one I bet.

Sure, I could take all the machines that hardly run 7 on them, pop in SSDs, get a fresh batch of Windows licenses (for those who do that sort of thing on the level and didn’t upgrade already) and call it a day. The people I have to clear this purchase with always look at me sideways when I ask for parts, but never question new machines.

So screw it.

(edit: removed extra but)

And Web SQL.

Feature detection requires tests to be executed in JavaScript, which affects performance.

This is why Google wants to use client hints instead.

Is there a reason for that?

I thought they only care about how much it costs.

Most of the time that’s true - when they’re shopping, it’s grab the cheapest on Amazon time.

But I think it’s a matter of understanding. “I need 10 SSDs that will cost $90 each” seems to sound like I’m wasting money on something I want to dink with, but “4 new computers at $800 each” sounds like I’m improving infrastructure. Also, the perception of warranties on new hardware too.

Never mind that last time there was doubt, it was a $100 soldering iron that just keeps on fixing shit. Imagine that.

Makes sense. It’s easier to just have one warranty for the entire computer, so that if it breaks you don’t even have to know which component failed.