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Don’t ever underestimate the flat earthers. I know some who are hardcore flat earth believers. Ryan is not wrong when he says it is a big part of religion (I know he meant something else). But, flat earthers will point to passages in the bible that claim the earth is flat and will tell you that the past 500 years, space, the moon are all lies.

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  • ”There are… FOUR!… Level1Techs in the video!” (Yes, Staci counts.)

  • Beatings are torture whether or not it’s an interrogation. Continuing the torture theme by bringing up online dating next was very fitting; to bad you didn’t have a story about country music to make it three in a row. :wink:

  • Despite those old commercials for First Class, airlines were even more awful back in the day! There weren’t even non-smoking sections at first, and even then the entire cabin smelled like stale cigarettes and fear. The reason people dressed so nicely is because only the wealthy or people flying for business could afford it. (It’s one case where the Federal government was very efficient: using price controls to mess things up for both the airlines and the consumers at the same time.)

  • Worst of all, the stewardesses flight attendants of yesteryear were treated miserably

  • If you think the new Star Trek role models aren’t doing society any favors, just imagine what kind of people will be inspired to a career in science and technology by the crew of The Orville! (Though really, that show seems very light on the technobabble, but I think that’s a plus.

  • Even worse in California, EVERYTHING there seems to cause cancer. :man_facepalming:

Oh boy, wait till face book catches wind of the Belgium (Brussels) town that has naked pissing baby statues every where, along with all sorts of tourist garbage.

Manneken Pis Wikipedia Article did not want to have the article image appear as it features a picture of the statue of said baby.

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Muh privacy!

But for real. The news will eat this up really quickly.

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Can’t wait for Motley Crue’s next big hit… Vaping In The Boys Room.

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Long distance flights were made expensive in order to subsidize short distance flights, because flying is more inefficient over short distances.

When flying got deregulated, a lot of short distance flights were no longer available, and were only brought back by the advent of low cost airlines.

In Europe we subsidize public transport with tax money, which makes more sense. (but not flying, because it’s not as important. We don’t use airplanes to commute to work)