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I had a class related to the EvoMan (Megaman like) AI training stuff. The article makes it sound fancy, but the framework given by the original creators really wasn’t very good. Fun to write a basic AI for though. They provide some fairly easy to set up code on their GitHub https://github.com/karinemiras/evoman_framework

The linode link gives me 404. Is it me, where I am, or what?

The Linode link just goes to a 404 page error. Wish I could add a referrer after the fact, since I signed up with them several years ago after you mentioned them in a video.

That Mega Man 2 AI thing seems inspired off the TAS Bot.

Regarding the 3rd Story (Amazon Hand Scanning) and @wendell @ryan “trying to think of a way to fake that”. This has already been done last year, I’m fairly confident you actually reported on that. Either way:

It’s a German Talk though, but there’s probably a subtitled version somewhere.
TL;DR: slightly modified DSLR camera (Infrared filter removed), a bit of Python magic to get the actual vein pattern. To actually fake it in the end you need bees wax and a laser printer. The pattern is printed on paper, and sandwiched between some beeswax. Done.

But I’m sure Amazon will find a way to make this just as secure as the Ring cameras :wink:

@jlittle @Engle seems the Linode link is fixed

Oh also, idk if it was in this episode but, European GPS is called Galileo and it’s already online since 2016.

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Uniqlo makes decent stuff but its form fitting, which makes their stuff really warm but for middle america their sizes won’t do.

nm, guess they do now

Perhaps the retail store had a more limited selection.