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Mmm okay, testing L1 viewer experience 1,2,3… (haven’t looked at the full episode on Patreon).

Short and to the point. Perhaps too fleeting short. But definitely worth testing the Google algorithms and viewer behavior.

On the Sweden thing:

The copyright / anti-piracy industry, in part also funded by the Swedish television has made multiple feints at piracy during the past few years to measure public reactions. Obviously, they think they are ready to pass this shit now.

And you know what, I think they have a good chance to succeed - it is election year, and they may just succeed flying it under the radar while the SJW and alt-right narcisist fucks keep addressing non-topics in capital letters because it is more important to keep each other and everyone else unhappy and divided. Basically, just like everywhere else. I am still hopeful, but not betting, that we will have some quality discussions and quality review of political topics this election year (because hopefully, but not betting, we’ve learned a thing or two from the 2016 US presidential election). Generally, the average Swede is happy with walled gardens such as Apple, Netflix, etc. and the energy to care about things is being dissipated through a multitude of misdirections.

Piracy is no longer a hot topic in Sweden. The hot topic is whether it should be handled by law, or by private companies, and putting forward this kind of law is not going to cause much resistance.

Sweden is an exceptionally weak country when it comes to making a stand on this topic. Like in many other places, our politicians lack the ability to pass their own judgement, and are surrounded by illoyal advisors (“consultants”) whose filtering and biasing of the decision-basing information (for money or to appease their shareholders who could be corporate IP holders or in agreement with corporate IP holders) is the core corruption mechanism. Too dumbed down to understand, too cowardly to make a stand and risk a livelihood.

The piratebay guys were thrown to lions under direct threat of trade sanctions coming from the US Embassy, on behalf of the corporate IP holders. These days, even the tax-funded Swedish national television is co-funding the anti-piracy block along with Disney and Warner. I wonder what that contract looks like. And who signed it.


I approve of this new format.

It gives me something to listen to in the mornings and I think the signal to noise ratio of the content has improved.

The long episodes usually get slow and off the rails a bit toward the end. :smile:

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14 minutes is very short for me. If the episode is 1 hour long i would split it into three 20 min parts.

thats what i liked about them. could just play it in the background while doing something else


Still kinda iffy on the new format, but I’ll give a week or two before I decide anything.

I used to listen to it Wednesday as I did chores and cooked. However if this helps L1T grow I’m for it.

I’ll probably default to the podcast format later if I’m unable to adjust.

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Not a fan of the new format…

  1. I look forward to getting my news dose once a week. It’s like watching a TV episode each week.
  2. Splitting the uploads without splitting the filming makes for awkward cuts, broken references to previous material, and loss of momentum.

^ This. would be better if the episodes were filmed separately and maybe even released every other day instead of daily. Would help keep the content more fluid. Is like watching 20 minutes of a movie everyday


we are for sure tweaking the formula for next week. Intuitively it seems like having “this week in security” “this week in tech/science/ai” “this week in tech/policy/hardware” “this week in hardcore tech” and “this week in wtf (what the function?)” is more natural break-up anyway. The mini-episodes should be way more shareable, too.


I would agree that the old format wasn’t really working out. The channel was in stall for a while and it was about time to make the change. I like the idea of segmenting the news.

This is quite wild, but I’ll throw it out anyway. I think that you need to move away from the old paradigms left from tekSyndicate. I understand that’s what the most of your audience comes from, but since the tekSyndicate is no more, you should try to reform the channel to better reflect your interests and personalities. What I mean is that the only way to succeed as a nerd is to be more nerdy.

The first thing I would avoid is the “buyer’s guide” type of channel. There are too many channels that do just new hardware reviews, that it makes no sense to compete there. I liked your dumpster diver guides, because those were something new and original, but I think you are wasting your time and talent trying to review almost every new motherboard that comes out.

Instead, teaching people how to evaluate motherboards, like what’s the criteria for a good motherboard, or explaining how does it work, focusing on different parts, drawing circuits, tearing things down and explaining them in a more thorough fashion. Or if a new motherboard comes out that has something particularly good or bad about it, so you can focus just on that, rather than reading the spec sheet, etc. The idea is to add more educational value to your content, rather than tying it to the specific time for the specific market.

I liked digital mercenaries part, because it gives people some insight, and it’s quite informative. Such videos could be a good fit for the enterprise channel, after all they are about building your enterprise, even though they are not about hardware.

I also like what Qain did with his Qain University series, where he explains how networks and the internet work. I can’t say that for the rest of his work, but those videos have incredible educational value.

The channel that I’m particularly impressed by is Computerphile. The name just speaks for itself. It is based on the University of Nottingham, so it is quite academic and theoretical, but they make it so interesting and plausible. Sometimes they make videos about burning topics, they had great videos on Spectre and Meltdown, and about net neutrality before that. They often touch different aspects of computing, like history, evolution, the future, how different technologies work, there was a great video about Bluetooth sound delay, so it’s not just about the bare fundamentals. Further on, the videos are shot in documentary style, so there is no scripting, editing is rather basic, and they throw in some simple animations every now and then, but none of that undermines the quality of their videos. I think there’s quite a lot you can copy and learn from their channel.

Another channel that I like to check out every now and then is Explaining Computers. It is run by Christopher Barnatt, also from the University of Nottingham. However, the channel is a bit different. It’s more practical, and it’s smaller as it’s one guy show. He touches various different topics like the future of computing, robots and AI. Kinda like L1T. Aside from that, I like that Christoper speaks a bit like a robot. He might be an alien AI himself.

Finally, I would like to bring up Ben Heck. I know it is quite a different thing, but when you are converting the old modem, or toaster, or what not, it would be interesting to film the process, and explain how and what does it do. Ben Heck films pretty much every part of every project, from planing, prototyping, testing, building… And he breaks every project into a bunch of different videos. If you could copy the same approach with your projects, it would be awesome. I’m sure you could get at least two or three more videos from that modem competition project.

So, I understand these ideas are quite wild, but I think this is a good time to throw them out. You can’t, and you shouldn’t get rid of shows that bring viewers. At the same time, the channel has to move away from the old paradigms. There is just no point in repeating what everybody else already does. I don’t think it should be centered on hardware reviews and politics. And as I pointed out, I would like to see more of the computer science stuff, but it’s really up to Christa, Ryan and Wendell to decide what’s the best from the channel.
I hope that some of the stuff I wrote can lead you to some idea that could make your channel great again, or maybe I was just wasting time, yours and mine. :rofl:

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