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On the current episodic release model:

Well now that episode 4 is out I instead happened to be watching it as the last part of the long vid, one new thing occured to me - I have no idea where to comment to avoid two separate discussions on the same topic. Which currently isn’t much of an issue, because the 20-50 usual comments per news on this forum seems distributed towards the first few parts :stuck_out_tongue: .

It will be interesting to hear from you guys about your side of the experience :slight_smile: .

On the UFO-level stealth:

You may want to take a look at the recently announced developments of the Swedish 4.5 gen Gripen airplanes. These airplanes are not stealth by material or shape, but they are completely stealth by sending out directed radio disturbance specifically tailored to phase out their own radar profile. I’d guess other countries also have this or similar tech.

I am not sure if there is anything about this out there in English and/or outside a paywall, but there should be as Sweden is trying to compete worldwide in the F-16 and F-18 range market, and this is kind of a selling point.

Oh, and I think they also come with anal probes, for those days when you really need to pick someone up and then drop them off.

So about the Dart 2 snippet:

Wendel has some confusion as to what Webpack and babel are.

Webpack is a bundler, and babel is a transpiler. One does not replace the other and they can be used together.

welp since you guys are also releasing full video at end why not release whole first then break it up. ( small chunks are amazing for sharing info on one topic) would still fit into the youtube want’s this action and allows for having the news not get stale before the end of the week. ( its your show do it how you need it to be done) just my 2 cents.

@wendell @ryan

Just FYI you guys got the Redbox vs Disney story completely wrong. Unfortunately most media outlets misinterpreted the judge’s order for the case being over.

He denied a preliminary injunction that Disney requested. The suit is faaaaaaar from being over. The judge did say Disney may be misusing their copyright, but he won’t rule that officially until the suit is over. He also said that first sale doctrine did not apply here like Redbox claimed. Here is a more reliable source:

Leonard French is a copyright attorney and goes through the original order.

Will there be a lessons learned video on the yt algorithm after these experiments?