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offer to walk customer’s dogs and take out their trash, as a courtesy

This reminds me that, in American grocery stores there are employees who bag your groceries.

Anybody with whom I talked to from Europe thinks this is just ridiculous.

It’s like America is obsessed with service.

Shipt workers told Motherboard that customers who order from Target often seem surprised when independent contractors in plain clothes driving their personal cars show up at their homes with massive deliveries from Target. Because Shipt classifies its workers as contractors, not employees, workers pay for all of their expenses—including gas, wear and tear on their cars, and accidents—out of pocket.

There was a time in Germany, when delivery drivers were hired as independent contractors, and then the government stopped it, but when it was still happening the drivers were provided with uniforms and minivans and didn’t have to pay for fuel and in America they don’t even have that? WTF.

We do not make anything anymore… How is this a surprise ?