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Level1 News February 11 2020: Kenya See The Problem With Biometrics? | Level One Techs

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My Great-Uncle is a Kenyan Indian constitutional/human rights lawyer, who does a lot of work for the main opposition party, and has represented the opposition leader multiple times.

Not to go too political outside of the section, but from what I gather talking to him, the concerns around the biometric ID system range from general privacy issues to ones of misuse and corruption. The opposition there has a general mistrust in the intentions of the governing party not to use the system to aid in stirring up ethnic violence (as the president was charged with doing by the ICC in 2007-8) and crushing dissent.

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Sidenote: I love you guys and how far yall have come with audio. It sounds fantastic… But for the love of god I don’t listen to the news to hear people chew! I’ll become a patron if you guys stop crinkling plastic and munching crunchy food on the news!


is it really wedlock, when divorce rates are so high?

It’s fascinating we live in such a dystopian society. Despite all the wonderful things going on in Linux.

More like a checkbox with 2-factor one person has to pay a bunch to confirm no matter which one clicks it.

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