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I never knew that Discord sold games at a 10% cut… Epic Games has really started a new trend with this lower percentage cut. I do like the idea of an Epic Games store, and I do think that more store front competition is good for the users and the PC game industry.

Epic really needs that Linux client though. Discord is already one step ahead in that area, since their chat client already supports the Linux desktop. Discord has the delivery system for Linux gaming, Mac gaming and Windows gaming and at a 90% profit revenue for developers too. interesting.

EDIT: Apparently Linux and Mac game sales are in the cards for Discord.

Maybe they could use Discord on iOS and Android to undercut Google Play and the App Store? Both companies would probably ban Discord for even trying it.

As for Queen Elizabeth II, she is 92 years old and probably has good doctors and access to some advanced medical technology, maybe stem cell treatments?

But then again, I grew up in a town called Kamloops in British Columbia Canada, and there is this old story from some of the aboriginals in the area that Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Phillip visited Christian run all-aboriginal schools during the 1960’s and would kidnap selected children. The story did get publicized to some degree by the Canadian media. But it was never truly widespread probably because of the lack of strong direct evidence as most of it was first hand account. So who knows?

But then again, there is also the crazy David Icke theory that she is a lizard from another planet or something.

Pretty sure apple would, I think that was the point when they locked out steam at first. On android it should not be a problem since you can easily have your own store app installed from an .apk file. Amazon has such a thing and F-Droid falls in the same category.

@wendell, are you aware of patreon banning of Sargon? Also would that be allowed as a topic on the forum or is that too much politics / not enough tech?

Works really well as an accent colour, or for small products like the Home Mini, but it’s too gaudy to use as a main colour.

Musk’s rage is certainly not impotent, he sprays it all over!