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Very important update for next week maybe.

The company that’s making that console has made a bunch of horrible products previously.

It’s Ice Lake coming in Q4 2019, not Cannon lake.

(Regulation of big tech)

It’s important to keep in mind that big tech is not only skating past regulation but also receiving generous corporate welfare. The question about regulation is moot at this point. They are having their cake and eating it too. They won’t be regulated at all; so the question is just incoherent, and completely missing how the system works.

Huge companies have a bit of a strangle hold on the economy. Their own endeavors and their business relationships with other largely influential corporations creates an environment for chain reactions. Hurt Google and you hurt everyone they provide services for.

Now that so many rely on the products and services of so few, the economy is extremely unstable. Being concerned about how the average person needs them is moot as well. It’s also a misunderstanding of how the system works. How one might replace a particular search engine doesn’t get to the crux of the matter. If Google falls, the economy may tank.

Too big to fail is essentially an expression of how the wealth and markets have been aggregated to the point that it’s locked in; until horizontal growth occurs with new endeavors, stabilizing the economy. This is what should have happened instead of “startup culture” where mega-corporations side stepped R&D risks by buying them up.

There is no reason to even talk about regulation in this climate. It would only make things worse. The only real solution is horizontal growth. New companies need to be formed and supported; to create competition and stabilize the economy. Then maybe regulation could be on the table. Until then, no one with influence is going to buy it.

The sad part is the chances of the economy being fixed before it crumbles is what Bayesians call “not zero”… which is essentially zero.

(NSA domestic abuse)

Remember the companies that were implicated in the Snowden report? Keep in mind that the ashes of net neutrality are currently being salted. People keep using the term “privacy” when it comes to the security of private citizens. This isn’t just about the NSA; and they can’t “get on top of it”. There are too many hands in too many pockets to stop it.

This problem is larger than almost anyone will appreciate. This can’t be legislated away. Business models are built on this unfortunate fact of modernity. They rely on the corporate welfare that produces lobbyists and deals for back doors in software titles.

This isn’t going away until the systemic issues that produced it are driven into extinction.

(Big tech and foreign software probes)

The Snowden report had this effect as well. Knowing that the US government was working closely with big tech companies probably caused a lot of anxiety in other nation states. Like Ryan pointed out, this puts big tech companies in an awkward position; being multi national companies. This is another nationalistic practice that inhibits free market economics. It’s not just China and Russia doing it.

This is a much larger problem from a security stance. This creates a situation where more security is needed; due to the tension that it causes, while security is undermined in practice with idiotic notions like “back doors”. These monkeys have the dangerous end of the tech pointed at their own faces.

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I guess I am one of the few that own a 2 in 1 windows 10 tablet and it is not garbage… but it is not the surface book either.

Battery life is okay. Runs a 32 bit windows 10 which so far… has been far more stable and not suffered from the same ills as my windows 10 desktop 64 bit. It has been a solid little tablet over all.

Made by Asus…