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Actual Apple Authorized Service Provider tech here.

The bucket is sand is actually an Apple safety regulation regarding batteries that are swollen and/or burning. According to them, there must be a bucket of sand and a metal safe within reach of your workstation. The idea is that if you puncture a battery, or it goes off for whatever reason, you drench it in sand to prevent it from bursting into a large flame and spreating, and the safe is specifically to stick dangerous, exploding, or may-explode batteries in there for storage in case they go off.

We dont have either at my workplace. I welcome our apple overlords to audit us and see just how many violations theyll find


AFAIK it’s not even an Apple regulation, it’s also EU regulation. Just as packages are supposed to have a sticker on them with the Battery logo thingy.

I would imagine the US has similar regulations, it’s just basic work safety.