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Level1 News August 13 2019: The Tortoise VS. The Bird


“marty” will be how they get the kids used to the robots so they can slowly turn into terminators and no one will suspect it.



i am looking forward to the “tardigrades on the moon” episode




I think what Wendell is asking for is the real world version of this character:



Well the FCC and FTC stuff can be summarized in:
Boomers try to fix a huge Problem but have no clue about the stuff and (potentially) make it worse in the process…

But I don’t know how to fix the Social Media Problem either.
The best thing I can come up with is to find that there is a Trust between Media Companies and Social Media Companies and break that up/fine them to kingdom come/bring the big ones down and replace it with alternative ones…

Getting the State involved is almost never a good idea…

Remember, the Social Media Companies don’t do anything about outright Calls to Violence or even genocide in certain situations…