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Hjacking Phone numbers… this is… new? No? it’s not. Even you had stories about this way back…
You can even assign the same number to 2 different SIMs and they will both get SMS and so on… this is not new.

Steam Cryptomining:
I didn’t read that article, but in another one I read it said that that game actually had a mechanic to keep it running. Apparently for a certain time of the game running you got some bonus items (including the fake cards). So that was pretty much the reason people left it running.

Spotify GDPR request:
Who actually thought they were not collecting insane amounts of data?
Is there any company that doesn’t do this now?

Racist password:
That should be 52^8 = 53,459,728,531,456 possible combinations… soooo, that? I’m not good at statistics :thinking:

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(Nazi stuff on Amazon)

The irony of that is, if Amazon were run by Nazis, they would probably ban stars of David.

Personal liberty is like technology. You make it accessible to people who will do harm with it so that those who will do good with it will have it.

It’s a pretty sad proposition, but society doesn’t really believe that humanity can handle personal liberties. Most want to save it from itself. This means lack of personal liberty. I personally find it compulsory and destructive. Like DRM it punishes a majority of innocents for the inequities of a small minority. It’s a recurring pattern that should probably be taken seriously. It even occurs in the “user experience”; which is about control of how the “user” uses a proprietary product. If it’s about stability and security, it’s failing miserably.

(racial slurs in generated passwords)

Just using upper and lower case characters, there are 52 choices. This doesn’t really matter because racial slurs are offensive in upper or lower case; so there are really only 26 variables to choose from. That particular instance is a combination of 5 characters. Since the string is 8 characters this increases the probability slightly because there are three more place holders to use.

The initial string is something like 1 in 1 x 10 to the 7. I’m not sure how much more probable it is with 3 more place options. The fact that the string began with it kind of makes that point moot though. The chances that it came up in the first five characters is the same as it coming up in a 5 character limit. It’s about 1 in 12,000,000.

Two spammers called here a while back with spoofed caller-id/numbers.

One called and the caller ID said it was Jewel Osco, for those unfamiliar, Jewel Osco is a supermarket, and the other one that called had the caller id of [insert name of our ex-fire chief here].

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30 second side-news about Nordea:
Not a correction, but a fun fact is that Nordea isn’t from one country, it’s what resulted after a fusion of different nordic banks (private company, not a group), 1 bank per country.
Point is that borders and states are getting more meh step by step again :blush:

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First, why pay for an Alexa app/skill to play fake conversations when it already automatically records and shares real conversations at random? (So it wasn’t actually a bug - it was a new revenue stream!)

More importantly though, how much do you wanna bet that the app/skill’s data is held in an unsecured Amazon bucket that lets criminals know the addresses of all the homes where the app is currently running? “Hey Alexa, tell someone to rob the house while I’m on vacation.”

Racist police programmer: If i is for Indian… would that be dot or feather? If its only feather what would they call dots?

Spotify JSON Collection

Anyone else reminded of the Firefly scene:

I’m a bit late watching this episode, but the odds of that word showing up are 3/52^5. which is about one in a hundred million. 2/52^6 which is about one in ten billion for the 'er variety.

“This is just like swatting. You told law enforcement something that was false, and made them, guns drawn, go down on an innocent man”
What did you tell them?