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@wendell I think I asked you last year, just want to boop you again. Any plans on getting some Tux stuffed animals in the store like the one you have on set? If it is still something you’d like to do, I hope it will be soonish. :smiley: Looking to order from the store soon, but I live in Europe so I’d like to snatch as much good stuff in one go.

Keep up the fantastic work. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking Musk would get the Tron treatment if he were arrested:

Nintendo’s very strict about their IP’s. Last year they went after someone for remaking Metroid 2 as well as a fan made Pokemon game with original creatures. They also really went after ROM sites too. The guy that made Super Mario Bros. 1 for the C64 should have expected a copyright take down upon release. Nintendo has a team of ninja lawyers that will go after anyone. But then again, once something is out on the internet, you can’t put it back into the bottle. People will still be able to get SMB1 for the C64 if they want it.

I do like the idea of a sub license for fans, though. I don’t ever expect Nintendo to implement such a thing. But, it is not a bad idea for other video game companies to come out and let their fans make original games under some sort of licensing agreement. Valve is partly there, IMO. They let the fan remake of Half-Life 1 called “Black MESA” happen. And Black MESA is even sold on Steam as well. Gabe Newell loves the idea of having his customers do all the work for them. He even said that in an interview somewhere, that his job was finding a way for getting the Steam userbase to do Valves work for them. Why not open up their TF2 characters to licensing, so fans can make spin off games if they want too? Ir Epic can dig out some of their old IP’s like Jazz Jackrabbit or Jill of the Jungle and put them up for fan licensing.

Still Mario Bros. on the C64 is a pretty impressive port. Later NES games do look better, but many of those titles use enhancement chips in the catridges that allow games to do more than what was originally possible on the stock NES. Like Super Mario Bros. 3 uses a memory mapper chip with extended RAM in the cartridge to create much bigger levels than what was seen in the first Mario Bros. game.