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All I wanted to say is thank you Level1 for introducing me to Fort Gay. I shall go there should I ever feel the need to try this ice cream

Each Tesla “accident” is strange. It gets world wide news coverage and people are un uproar and it is all panic and evil…
Meanwhile any other crash gets no coverage apart from traffic radio announcing a traffic jam

12:00 minutes in, freak out!

USPS is pretty interesting. It has some relevant history. It was once sued for being a monopoly. This is what opened the courier market for UPS and FedEx.

The employee plans are not as liberated as they are for private companies (small businesses) or public companies (corporations). This is because USPS is government owned and operated. This may mean in the long run that it is phased out. The models for retirement are the same models for pensions that it had decades ago because change in government administrations takes a lot longer to implement.

On a side note, just think of how much data flows through USPS every day. What would have happened if they had applied the ole’ steam it open and reseal it routine? Isn’t that functionally what is happening now with big tech business? Is this something that might be illegal under better economic conditions?