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(Julian Assange)

The thing about Assange is that everybody knows he was dealing with blackhats as sources. His material was obviously cracked material. He also had no journalistic integrity to speak of. He didn’t feel the need to protect those low on the totem pole or even innocent; and proved it by not redacting their personal information.

Sure, I like the fact that corruption was being outed; but the manner in which Wikileaks does it is unacceptable. It’s illegal in unethical; and “prove it” is a poor argument. No one authorizes their leaks; which are clad in innocent names and titles. <-- That is a good enough reason not to support them.


The investors are going to get the head for their pike. That’s the way it works. Someone is going to swing. Defense isn’t going to work. Offering up another “fall guy”, maybe.

It’s 04/23 and @kreestuh is still HIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as a kite. She was seen smokin indo sippin on gin n juice, laid back with her mind on her money and her money on her mind through the hills of Kentucky, allegedly.

New NCIS on the way… NCIS USB.