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PUBG “ransomware”…now that’s some funny shit right there.

Dagg asked Library and Archives Canada (LAC) for files from Project Anecdote, an RCMP investigation into money laundering and public corruption that was launched in May 1993.
Timeliness of responses has been a growing issue under the act. In 2016-2017, for example, responses to 2,326 requests took more than a year, up from 1,526 the year previous — or 2.7 per cent of all requests, up from 2.1 per cent.
Beyond legislated deadlines
And 19.3 per cent of all responses to requests in 2016-2017 were in so-called “deemed refusal,” that is, they were late — delivered beyond legislated deadlines.
That level of ‘deemed refusals’ has almost doubled in the last five years. And some 1,741 of these late requests were delivered more than a year after deadline.
In 2016, former commissioner Suzanne Legault warned of a “culture of delay” within the federal government that has created “a slow and arcane system that seems bent on denying access.”

“Dead Silkworms in Space” is a pretty good name for an psychedelic rock band.

As for Mothera, it came from some sort of tropical island, or something.

I don’t think I understand the “Billy Mitchell was cheating by using MAME” controversy. Unless he was save scuming his way through Donkey Kong, I’m not sure how it is considered cheating? It’s not like MAME can really make these games any easier.

If anything, depending on his set up, MAME could potentially add more input lag to games and make them harder. Which is a common problem when running older games that were designed for analog input CRT on modern LCD’s.

The latest Retroarch emulator has started to address this issue with a “run ahead” feature that reduces the input lag of games below real hardware to compensate for the inevitable monitor refresh lag.

I see what you did there

“The Implication”

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The only thing I could think of while listening to the dark side of the moon segment was Ryan’s retort “you believe the moon is real” to people who say the moon landing is fake.

As a side note the Tea Bagging thing was possibly a complete lie, the footage shown was only game devs playing the game, the game devs later added a Tea bag confirmed mode where you had to T-bag people to confirm your kill.

Doesn’t the whole aerosolising thing help efficiency because it increases the surface area of the fuel, and allows more to oxidise at a time?

What a boon it would be if STD’s couldn’t be transmitted in space… think about how many Thai ladyboys you could send up to work… holy shitballs C.R.E.A.M. get the money dolla dolla bill y’all.

Apparently the SJW is getting her ass handed to her on twitter… lots of people smacking her down, so she blocks them. She routinely turns to alcohol to solve her problems so she really has issues with handling adversity. And today she is feeling really salty… maybe it was another teabagging?