Level1 News April 2-5 2019: She Thinks My Tractor's Repairable Patron Edition | Level One Techs

1:29 - EU Passes Article 11, Article 13 Copyright Rules in Final Vote 2:32 - MEPs accidentally vote wrong way on copyright law 4:51 - Ajit Pai wants to cap spending on broadband for poor people and rural areas 7:03 - FTC shuts down four groups responsible for billions of illegal robocalls 8:07 - FCC Reportedly Collected Only 0.003% of Robocall Fines Since 2015 9:43 - FTC tells ISPs to disclose exactly what information they collect on users and what it’s for 11:35 - Senators demand to know why election vendors still sell voting machines with ‘known vulnerabilities’ 13:14 - Elizabeth Warren Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Tractors 15:23 - Mike Pence wants NASA to put humans on the moon by 2024 16:51 - NASA will pay you $19,000 to lie in bed for 2 months 18:49 - Judge recommends import ban on iPhones after latest Apple vs. Qualcomm verdict - The Verg 21:04 - U.S. Wants 'Copyright Troll' Lawyer in Prison for 12.5 Years 22:27 - IBM Accused of Violating Federal Anti-Age Discrimination Law 26:43 - Internal Documents Show Apple Is Capable of Implementing Right to Repair Legislation 28:50 - Government Declares Grindr a National Security Risk 31:23 - Office Depot, OfficeMax, Support.com cough up $35m after charging folks millions in 'fake' malware cleanup fees 34:06 - California man sentenced to 20 years in deadly Kansas ‘swatting’ 35:19 - Google Is Reviewing Its China Search Project in Secret 38:08 - Mac users in China can no longer use Taiwan flag emoji 39:36 - Huawei equipment poses 'significant' security risks, UK says 41:12 - Road safety: UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters 42:59 - Russia Orders Major VPN Providers to Block 'Banned' Sites 44:00 - Australia threatens social media laws that could jail tech executives 45:27 - Project Skyborg Could Put Air Force AI Combat Drones In the Sky by 2023 47:20 - Warner Music signed an algorithm to a record deal — what happens next? 50:16 - GITAI Partners With JAXA to Send Telepresence Robots to Space 51:46 - Facebook secretly explored building bird-sized drones to ferry data to people with bad internet connections 53:51 - UPS is using drones to transport medical supplies between hospitals 56:37 - Watch Boston Dynamics' birdlike robots stack boxes like nobody's business 58:31 - Russian shotgun drone shoots down balloon and model aircraft in awesome display of mid-air firepower 1:02:37 - Music labels sue Charter, complain that high Internet speeds fuel piracy 1:03:31 - Valve’s long-rumored VR headset is finally real: the Valve Index, coming in May 1:05:19 - Apple Card: After mocking credit cards, Apple creates one 1:07:11 - Apple cancels long-delayed AirPower charging mat 1:08:09 - Apple News Plus doesn’t follow Apple’s own subscription rules 1:09:03 - Apple Arcade is a new game subscription for iOS, Mac, and Apple TV 1:01:52 - Apple TV Plus, with shows from Spielberg, Oprah and J.J. Abrams, is coming this fall 1:12:02 - Apple Unveils Apple News Plus Subscription Service 1:13:53 - iFixit teardown: Apple’s AirPods are “disappointingly disposable” 1:15:21 - Bezos’ Investigator Gavin de Becker Finds the Saudis Obtained the Amazon Chief’s Private Data 1:18:37 - Why Microsoft is backing a major tax hike on itself … and Amazon 1:20:19 - Huawei earnings 2018: Revenue tops $100 billion for first time 1:20:55 - Tesla Model 3 keeps data like crash videos, location, phone contacts 1:23:01 - ‘Fortnite’ Creator Sees Epic Games Becoming Next Facebook, Google 1:25:15 - Intel lays off hundreds of tech administrators 1:25:55 - Tech layoffs to top 1,000 in Bay Area by late May 1:27:30 - Don't Leave a Negative Balance in Your Venmo Account (or Else) 1:29:21 - McDonald's Acquires Machine-Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300 Million 1:31:29 - Comcast to spend $50 million in South Philly to create the nation’s first video gaming arena 1:33:34 - GoFundMe bans anti-vaxxer funding campaigns to curb misinformation 1:34:35 - Mark Zuckerberg asks governments to help control internet content 1:37:22 - Facebook former security chief Alex Stamos on Zuckerberg, privacy 1:38:25 - Housing Department Slaps Facebook With Discrimination Charge 1:41:00 - Facebook Attack of Belgian Case on Web Tracking Gets Hearing 1:42:33 - Facebook To Start Removing Content Promoting White Nationalism And Separatism 1:44:14 - Facebook says it accidentally deleted some of Mark Zuckerberg's posts 1:45:47 - Facebook to consider live video restrictions after NZ attacks

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What do you think the EU’s end goal is?