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I doubt very seriously that the directors at Facebook think that Zuck runs the company. I feel pretty confident that they see what is coming and want to put it all on him. This is probably a pre-shitstorm production. Often investors direct the fall in a manner that distracts from their vulture like behavior. The perpetual growth machine is about to fail; and for some reason (outside of reason) someone has to be punished. They can’t lead on that there is something fundamentally wrong with the business model.

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New Algorithm going to be called “PC Principal”

Re: The EU probing whether Microsoft was doing backroom deals with EU governments, well they’re definitely making deals with universities here in the UK because we were previously using Gmail and Google Docs for everything, which is excellent for a research university working on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Now we’ve been transitioned to Office 365 due to some shady deals and it’s absolutely terrible. On linux, when there is functionality only offered in the desktop version of some software, I’m shit out of luck. Sometimes I open a word doc and my spacebar inserts two spaces, or that when I write something and tab to another field in Powerpoint, my text disappears. It’s a horribly inconsistent mess.

I can’t even do superscript in powerpoint… in a maths department…

I still use Google’s online software because fuck Office 365.