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I appreciate the feedback. :D As you know, my tracks can get long, lol. This one, however, I didn't want to be too long, though it did end up being a little longer than I intended.

That's writing music for ya, though. Nothing hardly ever goes according to plan. Perfectly, at least.


Any time.

Also, I wanted to add that my feedback was geared towards what I feel to be following the standard rules of a trance track. However, we all know that having strict rules can prevent progression and its not always good to follow 'the rules' at every turn. Its perfectly fine to make the content any duration as long as you (and hopefully others - but mainly you) enjoy it. Being a big dream theater nerd, I'm fine with longer tracks. 20 minutes? If it's good and engaging - hell yeah! :D


I see where you're coming from. I prefer longer tracks myself, however I'm of the opinion that there's a time a and for it, and not every application of it will work out. Though in my case that kind of thing just happens and people usually don't mind.


I am planning on learning how to play guitar. I want to play black metal or death metal.


Nice. Don't hesitate to ask for advice. There's been multiple 'learning guitar' threads flying around here, so perhaps look at those for ideas.


Well, my first question would be how to do best learn things? On your own, or from an instructor? When I first started learned how to play guitar I learned from watching YouTube videos and did that for a year. Then I got actual lessons from an instructor and hated it, mainly because the instructor I had was arrogant as fuck.


Nice (^_^)-b

Meanwhile I'm entirely self taught (been playing for 9 years now though and apparently am pretty decent). I think I'll finally get around to recording something since I've got it to a point I can live with.


Guess I should post this extremely rough version because that's about as good as it will get for a while because tax season... threw this together in about 15 minutes so go easy on me :P

I apologize ahead of time if link doesn't work


I've left this thread dormant for a while. Time to breathe new life into it.

My music stuff has been slow because long story short, life is a motherfucker. Nevertheless, I'm still working on stuff. For example:

This is a work in progress. This mix isn't final and I still have other kinks to work out, but those of you who like drum & bass may like this.


Think it is a little too hot and muddy. Interesting. Wonder where you are going to take it.




The individual instruments gains affects interfere with other instruments. Kind of depends on what you are going for ? Could be just me.


Ah, I see what you mean. That's one of the kinks in gonna have to work out.


I guess a better word would be definition of the individual instruments. I am not musician and some things come down to personal taste. Shows more on the drums


"Shatterpoint" is done:

If you're looking for hard-hitting, in-your-face drum & bass, then you've come to the right place.


I declare this thread to not be dead.

Yes, Discourse, I am certain I want to revive this thread.

Anyway, sorry for not updating this thread for so long. I simply just haven't felt posting anything here.

So, what have I been working on?

For starters, I remixed Scandroid's "Aphelion" for a remix contest, that I unfortunately did not win (I was so proud of that remix, too).

Here's the original:

Here's my remix that I can't publicly post anywhere until June, so a Google Drive link will have to suffice:

So, what else have I been working on? I recently revived an old track for Dimensions Vol. 01 called "Ghost in the Machine", and it sounds nothing like it originally did, but that's okay:

Here's a preview of 80's car chase action thaat I'm currently working on:

And, that's pretty much all the main things. I'll try to keep this thread up to date this time around.


Oooh! A music thread. Hope you don't mind if I do.

I'm thinking of picking up DAW music producing(Currently only compose) again. I've not had the time cracking open my FL Studio producer edition. I know the feel around, but I still need a few tips, IE, how to use effects, white noise generators, etc. Anyone know a series of tutorials I could use?


Look up SeamlessR on YouTube. He has a lot of great tutorials on sound design and production in general.


I've been on this forum a while and never ran across this thread. Glad to have found you all.
I haven't played in a few years, or recorded or mixed, but I used to be into it really big for over 10 years.
I am going to link my soundcloud here if you want to check it out.
Everything on there was recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself with a few being only mixed/mastered by me.
On the songs recorded by myself I perform various guitar parts, vocals, and possible a bass track somewhere. A good friend provided all the drums, a lot of the badass guitars and another good friend wailed some of the solos.
Oh and yes... there is definitely a incomplete, all instrumental, rock opera - not complete as in we had a concept for about 11-12 parts/songs but only recorded about 5, and even those were still in a state of "flow.
For 90% of my stuff I used a Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 digital mixer, Presonus Studio One DAW, and for the most part the built in effects, VST's, plugins, etc. Guitars used were a Taylor 314ce, a Gibson Les Paul Gothic Edition (mid 90's), MXL 550 Condenser, Shure Beta67A, and ALL drums are Superior Drummer 2.0 being triggered in real time by an Alesis DM5 electric drum kit (well real time at the time of recording.)


A dude with a tablet, some samples and not a musician. Just free stuff off the internet.