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Here's a preview of what I've been working on:

I know the mix isn't the greatest. Still a work in progress.




Though I dig everything I've heard from you thus far.


I should probably start dabbling with some software like audacity... I'm not good at making audio sound good with it but it'd be some sort of recording of crap that comes up when I'm dicking around on guitar.


@kylendm if you can make something in the vein of Blotted Science I will give you 13 Internet points.

You said 'super heavy'. Do you like doom metal? I'd love to hear something akin to Slomatics, Yob or Kongh.


Nice. I'll check this out tomorrow when I'm not on mobile.


I almost bought a Schecter Damien for $99 from a pawn shop the other day ... but bought a good AKG mic for dirt cheap to replace the piece of sh*t Behringer I have instead. The AKg is a good all-around for vocals and amp mic-ing ... just need a decent vocal processor for my lousy singing. lol

Earlier today I bought a Boss ME-80 multi-effects processor for $199 ... can't wait 'til it gets here ... have been Jones-ing for a good multi-FX and looper pedal for a long time. (cannot afford a Line-6 Helix)

Guitars ...
'76 Fender Strat w/Floyd Rose silver w/black pick guard (love it more than my wife ... don't tell her lol)
1960s 3/4 size Gretch solid body electric ( needs work ... will sometimes shock you while you are playing) My first guitar ever ... love it too
1981 Fender Starcaster semi hollow F-body (different tones and feelings)
'85 or '86 Arbor Stiletto w/Floyd Rose ... compact headless guitar (one of the last ones made)
3 yr old Washburn Dreadnought electric/acoustic
old "no name" classical acoustic

amps ...
older Fender Reverb Deluxe combo
newer Marshall dsl15 combo
older Peavy Backstage

Key Boards ...
M-Audio Oxygen 61 key usb midi - VST controller
Yamaha PSR-270 49 key synth

Misc ...
Behringer FCB 1010 w/ eureka e-prom mod - midi - VST controller
PC interface - M-Audio M-Track Plus (will out grow it soon)
Mic - AKG c214 (multi purpose large diaphragm condenser mic)
Studio Monitors - M-Audio M3-8 3-Way Active (almost too big)
Headphones -
'92 Sony MDR-V7s (incredible sound - very rare & sought after by audiophile types - pretty rough shape & showing their age) thinking about trans-planting the drivers into a new set of V6s.
New AKG K 701s (reference class ... close runner up to the V7's sound quality)

Daws ...
MuLab and Audacity ( lost my Fl Studio , Sonar , Cuebase & Native Instruments and a sh*t ton of VSTs along with all my music and projects due to simultaneous drive and back-up failures) I still might cry :(


fun blues thing I have done recently.


I like it a lot. The melodies, I think are catchy, and the sounds are really good.

Two critiques, however:

  1. I think you need to work on your mixing. At certain points the drums get drowned out by everything else in the mix.
  2. I think it's too short. Then again, my tracks can get really long, so, take this one with a grain of salt.


It takes time to figure that kind of thing out.


Finally done:

All feedback is welcome.


So, I got this off a guy for $300 a couple days ago.


Wrote a new album for my solo project, here is the link to my thread:


Here's a new track I just finished called "Among the Stars":

Which will be apart of a trance EP I'm working on called Trancendence:

This particular track is basically what would happen if I took trance and synthwave and threw them in a particle accelerator.

@Alamar I know you like trance; I would appreciate it if you would give this a listen and let me know what you think.


Link pls


Oh shit, forgot to leave it in the above post, lol. It's there now.


I like it, makes me want to drive in the snow and try to keep up with @kewldude007
Well done Hex


Thanks. :D


Nice. I will check this out tomorrow and let you know.


I've been playing euphonium and tuba, for several years and I can play trombone too. Also I like to mess around with a Yamaha YPG-235 that I have. I'd like to learn bass guitar though sometime, because my dad has been playing guitar for years, and I'd like to play with him.


Finally got some time to listen :D Overall I dig it. The synths sound good and I like the spacey/trancy vibe of the track

I like the lead that starts in at 1:31. Its simple, but provides some nice bright/melodic contrast with the darker backing synths.

Imo, the breakdown that starts at 2:29 could be a bit longer (I'm a sucker for killer melodic breakdown segments). If you increased the duration of the breakdown, perhaps adding a new lead melody and soft backing synths or even rehashing some of the melodies used previously but with different filters, etc that would be nice. Also, you could stretch out the buildup a bit if you wanted as well (im talking like 45 seconds or less total for increasing the breakdown/buildup section - not multiple minutes). A longer breakdown/buildup would make the climax ('release' or crescendo - whatever you want to call it) have more punch when it arrives. At under 5 minutes, you've still got plenty of room to add just a bit to the breakdown/buildup segment since a lot of un-edited original mixes come in at 7-8 minutes long.