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Here's a twenty second snippet of an older track I'm resurrecting called "Glitch in the System":


My new Djent guitar!


That is gorgeous.


haha 24-fret fender with reverse headstock nice. Single hum, volume knob, 7-string that's about all you need for djent. Oh yeah and there's a hello kitty graphic too :D


Here's a little something I've been working on.


Nice! Reminds me of The Algorithm.


That riff is killer! Love that triplet feel doublebass at the end.


This sounds great.

Yes! Props for actually including a friggin riff into your stuff. Too much modern metal is just boring alternate picking on simplified barre chords (one of the main reasons I usually can't get into black metal).


Wow I just found this thread.

I play guitar, a bit of bass. I'll end up screaming in a band soon enough (hopefully). I really want to do electronic stuff as well but my computer is awful and I can't do shit with Ableton or FL Studio. But I think I'll change that soon.

As soon as I record something with my pals I'll post it here.


Thanks a lot guys. Sometimes getting a second opinion helps boost motivation to finish this stuff, good or bad. I'm gonna work on it a lot tomorrow since I've been coming up with riffs all night tonight.
Yeah I think everything has it's place. It's just doing something tastefully; that's the hard part.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


I don't play much anymore but I used to play the Alto Sax if that counts.
I honestly don't think I can even read sheet music anymore.
Still remember musical theory tho

Does that count?


Alto Sax is awesome!


It counts!


Alto Sax is amazing, is one of the instruments that I'd love to learn how to play... But I can't, my neighbours are awful and the sax is a really loud instrument... One day!


The quieter you can play it the better you are.
Also fuck em, unless you live in an apartment.


I do hahahahha


Latest track from my solo project "Sleep Experiment".


Another new one


Done and done.
..I think. :D


@Obi-Wan_Shinobi Sounds good man. I think you could roll off some of the low end on the kick though; it's pretty boomy haha. The guitars seem kinda buried in the mix. I think the kick is making your compressor slam and it kind of buries everything whenever it kicks. Cool song though!
I dig it. Definitely different. The background notes kind of throw it off for me for some reason. It's cool though.

Here's something I did a while back. It takes a jab at the he-man hey whats going on song at the end.
Random stupid solo at 1:45 too lol

I'm also debating on working on a super heavy kind of song or a more upbeat fast thing with really complex chords and melodies. What would you guys wanna hear?