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No, not for LAN Syndicate.




I'm going to try and challenge myself by playing a full 3 hour DJ set while playing either League or CSGO.


Go for it!!


tInstrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer here. You can check out my music here and here. I focus primarily on both experimental electronica and heavy metal/punk depending on what I'm doing.

To record, my setup is just through FL Studio 12 DAW and a DI box. Just a mic, guitar, drum/synth sequences, and simple post-recording mixing and mastering. Headphones used as a monitor as I live in a small yet crowded neighborhood. They hear nothing except when I do vocals.

My approach towards doing music: DIY ethic/hobbyist mentality: I am in complete control and will of whatever I'm up to, and I don't do it to make money or be successful. I do it because I like it. I do all of this at home and don't play live.


That's about the same approach I take, as it's the best way I know to express myself. I've only done a bit live when I was doing a bit of DJ work for a friend. Other then doing recording and mixing with some live setup for a friend of mine's band.


I'm pretty much in the same boat as you as far as ethic goes.


I get the idea that that applies to most of the people in this thread. There's a few one man bands floating around the city I live in. A lot of my local friends keep persisting requests to play live, but I'd rather just keep busting out material for now. I'm not too interested in being associated with any kind of scene, though I suppose that's just how things end up.


I like staying in my work station. I can come up with so much materiel, but if I was live it cuts into my flow for new stuff.


Decided to play some DA:I Multiplayer and this just happened

Two guitars, internetz drum samples. ~finally, after two years the damn Inquisition is here, nerfed to DX11 and barely running 20fps in 1440p.


Wow stands and applauds I had an idea close to this, but was more Drum n' Bass and Electronic with the vocals of "The Dawn Has Come". The next time I play I have to play this when I go into battle.


Holy shit, this is awesome.


Thank you. :)

Nicely new AMD 16.4.2 driver seem to have improved that game and DX11 doesnt have black striping flickers & Mantle is alrite for hours before eventually exploding, like it tends to do. ..wonder if my email is in some trustworthy report list.


New Jam I made today due to boredom

My buddy wants to record a trombone track on it.


Someone tell me if this idea is a bit crazy or orthodox to do, but I thought of combining a Korg Kaossilator Pro+ with a...well into a guitar. It can't be an acoustic guitar as that will mess with the overall sound of it. Just where I can play the rhythm on the guitar play three or four notes on the Korg then quickly back to the guitar. If I were to do this on a keyboard back and forth to the guitar my strumming hand wouldn't make it back to the guitar in time. Can someone give me feedback on this...I'd appreciate it.


I guess you could try only using your left hand for guitar/


Well I'm left handed, as I thought of doing this crazy idea on a lefty guitar. Playing the Korg with my other three fingers. Granted it would take some time to get it right and mastered.


Hey, another lefty. :D


You could be like Geddy Lee from Rush who uses his feet to do some of the keyboard sounds so you could build a little rig to let you do something like that maybe?


I'll have to look into that.