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Sick! I've been wanting to get into designing pedals. (but my understanding of circuitry is limited) Would love to see something like that.


I ended up turning the drums down a little. Still very prominent in the mix tho.


Hey man, ok cool. Uploaded it? Same soundcloud link as before?


Almost there. That hihat is way too loud.

Sick groove nonetheless.


Quite a great result you've got there IMO. Listened to it with my stereo (NAD amplifier, can get a bit dark in the sound, though I've mixed it with some mid and high tone clear speakers), a couple of bass heavy and a bit fuzzy descant over-ear headphones on my laptop and some descant and mid tone dominant in-ear headphones also on my laptop. I think your mixing gives a worthy listening experience on all platforms :)


Okay, cool. I mostly just did it to save some money but it turned out to be really fun. Oh and sick bass playing, I'm very much jealous.


I think I'm done touching the mix. Got it as best as I can. I can't turn the highats down anymore without affecting the snare however sadly. I only have a little low-level mixer than can output only one track. So I can not adjust the levels of each drum individually after tracking.

I was able to give myself a little adjusting by duplicating the drum track. One for the top end (hat and snare) and one for the low end. (kick and bottom end of snare) But at this point if I turn the high end channel of the drums down anymore, my snare looses it's "pop."

(When I recorded the drums the levels sounded pretty good, but after dousing it with compression to get that phat phunk sound, the hats become really loud.)


So my buddy wanted me to make a beat for him to freestyle over. How'd I do?
(Sample I used btw, it's a sick song, you should check it out)

(Also another hiphop beat I just finished)
(I upped the kick a tad, although not sure it's enough as I'm using my slightly bass lacking headphones right now as to not wake the house)


Both of them are really good.

Though, in the second one, the snare seems like it's a bit too loud.

EDIT: listened to it through proper speakers instead of my phone speakers this time. The snare is fine, though I think the kick could be a tad bit louder.


This is my contribution to the 1-month challenge, actually making a song with my current skill and the stuff I have available turned out to be a terrible idea, but thankfully I did something else this month which is pretty neat.

The schematic for a woolly mammoth effect pedal, a nice fuzz pedal which works great on both bass and guitar.

And here is my PCB design for it. It is incredibly simple and you could easily build this on a perf board if you wanted to. I just decided to make a PCB because I have the tools available and because it doesn't cost me anything.

short demo:

And secondly I also made a compressor, based on the Hollis Flatline/madbean afterlife.

short demo:

Works great, very transparent (as most optical compressors are), I just need to fix the volume potentiometer on it. I'm not sure how well it comes across on the recording but it's very subtle in most settings and then really squeezes down if you turn it all the way up (at the very end of the demo). Works great with slap, I just happen to be terrible at slap for now.

So, yeah. That's what I've been up to recently. Especially building the woolly mammoth was an interesting experience since those things cost several hundred bucks while containing a few dollars worth of components. You can easily build them for 30 bucks on a perf board if you want one.

I have a few PCBs leftover and will build a few more for my teacher and a friend.


this is awesome. Have you made a thread for this project yet?

Edit: ah you already finished one, nice. I'd love to see a detailed thread though if you have time :D


Glad you like it, I could make a seperate thread, but I would need to make some decent gut shots of the pedals themselves probably. But this is most of the info, with the pics I posted you can make the pedals.


This is absolutely crazy!!! Omg! This is insaaaaneeee. Wow, great job!

I really suggest that you make a thread about it. No need to show how to make the pedals just show what a badass thing that you have accomplished :D


@anon10737550 do it! You know you want to :D

Seriously though, this would make a great thread. Perhaps you could document the process more thoroughly if you are going to be making additional pedals for your teacher and/or friend. There's a lot of music techheads on here that would probably really be interested.


Dropped a new track today:

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the mix. Gonna go back and so something about it later, but this was the best I could come up with at the time (mixing this track was really frustrating).


So how's everyone doing this weekend?


Pretty good. Haven't really done much music-wise since I released "Binary Decay," so I'm gonna try to rectify that.


I'll have to give it a listen at some point, as I recently got my computer setup after moving across country.


For LAN Syndicate?


I did a thing in D-minor:
It's just a random groove but it works as a test for the looper and my new pedals. Oh and playing a fretless is incredibly fun.