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Yeah if you don't need the mic and headphones you can definitely get it cheaper haha.

Or you can get the 2i4 used for the same price. You'll get a few more outputs if you ever wanted to use another set of monitors and it comes with a Pad function which will cut the signal about 10db i believe if your source is clipping the input on the interface.


This looks like my kind of thread!


That is quite an impressive setup you have there sir!

I love the Ibanez Universe. My old black metal bands guitarist had one of those, was one of the nicest 7 stringers I'd ever played.


Wouldn't call me a musician, but I like to make some noise for myself occasionally.

I basically just shove an electric guitar straight through M-Audio, and into AVLinux (Jack Rack to Rakarrack, and in parallell with Guitarix on its own), then into headphones.

A very cheap alternative to purchasing lots of gear (no effects boxes or amps). And relatively silent / neighbor friendly.


I can dig that. When I had an apartment that was my go to setup haha.

Thanks man! I love my Universe! Definitely one of the nicest sevens i've played.

Also new guitar day!

Probably my nicest playing 6 string at the moment. It's a RG3120 from '02. Beautiful with a real flame maple top.


I've played the exact model before (same finish even). Nice snag.


I've had a Vantage fret-less bass with EMG pick ups for years now.... best I've learnt is the intro to little green bag.
Which is why I rap and write/perform spoken word instead. I find that a lot easier; personally I think I am just that little bit too unco (and lazy) to play/learn an instrument.

I have recorded most of my stuff on a Rode NT1-A and an M-Audio Fasttrack pro external with some ATH-M40fs headphones which does alright I suppose, despite the lack of decent soundproofing.

Some good friends of mine on this one.

I did this for a contest a year ago, mostly for shits and giggles.

Mind the accent.


Here are some of my songs:


So, I have a gear question. I'm not expecting someone here to be able to 100% answer everything, so I'll specifically look at a bass forum next, but I guess it can't hurt.

My fiancé is crazy and ordered a custom made, extremely nice bass for me because he realized how much fun I'm currently having and how much I'm enjoying music again. But obviously I don't really want to play that thing through a 100€ practice amp. What I found is the HoTone nano Thunder Bass, a 5W SS bass amp head that can drive basically any cabinet combination out there (4Ohm - 16Ohm). I was thinking about pairing that with a 4x10 cabinet (Gallien Krueger CX 410) or a 2x10, so I should (in theory) get high quality audio and proper gear without driving my neighbours into madness and, when I get the chance to play with other people, I can just switch out the amp for something better and have a fully functional bass rig.

Basically, does that sound like a decent idea? It should minimise unnecessary spending on a "good" combo amp that I'll probably not use once I have a full setup and the nano can also be used as a headphone amp or pre-amp. Judging by reviews and forum posts the nano does reproduce good sound at low noise levels, but isn't that cabinet dependent? And lastly, does someone maybe have experience with the Gallien Krueger CX cabinets?


I can't really help you because I never really dabbled into bass amps/cabs but I know the guys over here can help you out.


Went for a Fender 410 cabinet in the end, there was a good deal on it and it uses well reviewed speakers. This looks absolutely ridiculous and I love it, but holy crap it sounds "big" even at low volumes:


After so long of saying I was going to build a computer and get back into music. Well last night I finally did. Just need to get FL Studio now, and a few other things to get two separate projects going. Other then that what has everyone else been working on?


Well after endlessly writing riffs with no complete song structure I realised what my brain had been doing - making an album length story.

So now I am in the middle of collating pages and pages of hand written notes and trying to arrange it all to make sure the "story" flows well.

Does anyone have suggestions for a reasonably easy program to learn/url for a guide on said program. Would like to record some of these things before the pages disintegrate (this has been an evolution for 15 years)


Just out of curiosity does anyone here use modular synthesizers? I've been fascinated by them for some time now. I've just been thinking of merging analog world with digital world.


I myself don't, but some of the artists I listen to do (most notably Celldweller).

Be sure to grab Expert Sleeper if you' re gonna combine analog and digital.


Assuming you're talking about a DAW, I recommend FL Studio. For guides, their website is pretty useful. Or look up SeamlessR on YouTube.


Celldweller's Spaceship makes me very envious...I even watched the documentary called I Dream Of Wires, as it was awesome to see Gary Numan, and Trent Reznor in it.


Well, what have I been up to in the music world....

I have a number of new tracks in the works. Other than that, I've been reworking and remastering my old stuff. I just finished reworking and remastering my track "Dance the Night Away" today:

If you want to download the track click the "Buy" link (you won't actually have to pay for it). Or just go straight to my Bandcamp page and get it from there:


Sounds great man, like the sound-scape you got going, fits very well together. You're quite good at mastering too! Here's something I made a couple of years ago. Themes upon themes upon themes and no mastering whatsoever, but these are probably some of the more organized ones. They're all creative commons. Listen, share, remix, as long as you give credit.

The melancholic, yet sugar sweet pop melody

The low tempo beat and bass. Theme got a bit distorted, but I think it fits okay.

The hard hitting one

The latest, and the most orchestral one, if that makes sense?


Thanks for the feedback, my friend. I appreciate it!

I'm a lot better at it than I once was, lol.

As far as your stuff goes, they're all really good. I could see them being in some kind of retro 8-bit game.