Level1 + Model M = Improving The Greatest Keyboard of All Time (2021 Unicomp "Mini M" Edition)

Prolly just the shipping charge. Email me Wendell at level1techs dot com.

Wondering if you have a variant I haven’t accounted for.

Can you verify j1 - 3 are also bridged to 1/2 ?

If you have a volt meter can also check the custom led header

Email sent. Thanks!

I want to start by saying thank you for this converter. I have been having issues with the PS2 → USB converters, Especially with a docking station. And a Unicomp i got also has an similar issue with docking station and suspend/resume. (this is not the mini so it is not supported for the upgrade unfortunately)

I did run into a few issues.

  1. the only information i found (including the gitHub pages) for how to connect the 16p header in the 20pin PCB was the image from Bryson_Osborne. (i think i see references to a website that is now dead.)

  2. the LEDs are illuminating the wrong order.
    my keyboard has the order: Num | Caps | Scroll
    the MStar Lights the LEDs in the order: Caps | Scroll | Num
    This is on a 1989 1391401, that came with a 386 SX PS2.


Hey, super glad my picture was helpful!
I would imagine that, for point 2, you can likely fix that in the firmware. Mine don’t light up at all, but if the wrong one is coming on, that should be (relatively) easy to solve with software.

As an example, this is from the file located at m-star/QMK/m_star_classic/m_star_classic.c
bool led_update_kb(led_t led_state) {
bool res = led_update_user(led_state);
if(res) {
writePin(led_pins[0], !led_state.num_lock);
writePin(led_pins[1], !led_state.caps_lock);
writePin(led_pins[2], !led_state.scroll_lock);
return res;

You should be able to change the value inside the brackets next to led_pins to match what you need.

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You can always flash this to one of the other presets or create your own. Instead of changing the kepmap yourself though, the github page has presets that may be helpful to you.

The default flashed on the controller is the “wendell” profile.

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I sent you a message whenever you get the chance to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m crazy. I don’t see it xD

I sent you a different message thread with a screenshot… lol

Well, got it to work eventually, apparently the latest version of QMK renamed the lock keys (scroll lock, cap lock and num lock), and also removed the terminal (so no TERM_ON, TERM_OFF) (and some other things)

The version of the Wendell profile on the m-star site worked fine without any key-lock LED remapping (even though i first swapped it programed it and then undid it again).

I also got my old model M 122key working (mostly) i will need to do a bolt mod on it for all of the keys to work though. (i was saving it planning on doing some sort of conversion with it ages ago and never did)


hopefully helpful! :stuck_out_tongue:

LED fix is here!! On Gitlab