Level1 + Model M = Improving The Greatest Keyboard of All Time (2021 Unicomp "Mini M" Edition)

Qmk yes but not the web configuaror yet as were still in startup mode

So, how do you program it? Do you need to actually hack the code?

Qmk from the cli. We did a keymap for it

From what I read, QMK from the CLI involves knowing some C coding.

Would the 20+8+4 kit work for an M122? (The part number in question here is a 1395660.)

Also, the store page says:

This is a DIY kit, so YOU WILL NEED TO ADD YOUR OWN RESISTORS AND CAPS to drive the LEDs as you see fit.

So if the keyboard doesn’t have indicator LEDs, this means I don’t need to do any soldering, correct? Just plug and play?

Glad to see this project is making progress! Now I just have to wait for the new model M (full sized) version.

Hi I have just posted an “Off Label” usage of the MStar Mini M to run a Wheelwriter conversion on the Deskthority Workshop forum. I really like the controller, great job.

One question when I tried to reflash to the Mini M configuration the locklights behaved differently in that the Scroll light always activated when I did the Numlock. That was all working correctly out of the box. Is there an update to the MStar git repo to match the production version you are shipping? I will try to debug and see if I messed something up, I just pulled from the repo, but I am using the latest QMK. Will also likely try a VIA build and will let you know how that works.

Fyi my Mini M controller had a nice easter egg with the F12 key and F11, that is definitely not in the repo.

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could maybe terminate the cable with one of those screw in aviator connectors. (thinking that might not be such a crazy idea…)

Quick update. I have the MStar Controller now working in VIA for my Wheelwriter configuration. To get the build to work I had to set #define DYNAMIC_KEYMAP_LAYER_COUNT 3 otherwise the compile throws a build error. Have to make a KLE layout and add to a via JSON to load into the Design tab to get it to work. Unfortunately for Wendell I dont think terminal mode is allowed in VIA.

Probably would work with the Mini M build just have not tested. It will be easier than recompiling my layout changes and allow macro updates.

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Is there any sort of guide for Model M Classic? The Gitlab says there is a public website and the link 404’s…

Paging @Level1_Amber she wrote a guide, Eric also has a pretty awesome guide written up from his perspective and experiences. The flat ribbons can be a bit tricky.

First off, thank you so much for all the work to get this project to production. I salvaged a Model M (24 NOV 1994) that I found in a debris heap and the existing cable and control board were toast.
I have everything soldered up and all keys are working 100%, but I can’t quite figure out what I’m missing vis-a-vis the LEDs. My board uses a 4-contact ribbon integrated into the rows connector. I have added pins and a jumper to the 3.3v/5v pads at JP4, but no dice.
I can’t find anything about where to place any resistors or capacitors (the original board has 2 small caps laying flat with connectors on either end, not one standing with both connectors on the bottom). Is there anywhere I can see how these parts should be connected?

Can you take a pic of your setup and the led board? Wondering if led board has 3 resistors. If so solder brides is probsbly all you need

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry, I am just getting around to this. On the old board, I pulled 3 of the resistors with the intention to re-use them if needed. They are next to the board, where they used to live (R17-19).

A better shot of the LED board.

Add jumper from center to 5v on the model m pcb and see if that works

No dice. Also, I must have pinched something - columns 4 and 5 aren’t responding now. :frowning:

well, you can mail it to me and I can rebuild it, I have the technology, etc etc. lol

Tempting - what might one charge for such a service?