Level1 KVM 1.4 DP w/ Samsung Odyssey G9 screen glitches

I finally set up my 2x2 DP1.4 KVM - the forums were helpful in getting my USB stull working properly! Unfortunately, I am having a strange video glitching issue on one of my 2 displays.

I have a ViewSonic XG270QG and a Samsung Odyssey G9 (LC49G9ST) hooked up to the KVM, with Club3d 3 foot displayport cables connecting the KVM console ports to the monitors and 10 foot cables connecting the KVM to my PC. I don’t have the second PC hooked up currently. The PC has a GTX 3060, and before I had the KVM in place everything was running fine, no video artifacts or glitches.

Now, the Viewsonic monitor is fine but the G9 starts glitching - part of the screen (usually the lower 1/3) or the whole screen jumps or shivers to the right, occasionally there is a black bar at the top. It doesn’t seem to matter if I am running a game or just on the desktop.

When I unplug the DP cable from the monitor and reconnect it, the artifacting seems to stop, but slowly builds back up. At its worst, the behavior is pretty consistent and frequent (not constant, but enough to be highly disruptive, maybe 3-6 glitches every 10 seconds). I have tried switching the cables connecting each monitor to the KVM and which port each monitor is plugged into, the behavior remains the same.

edit - after reading another post, I did a temp rerun of my cables to make sure they are as far away from power cables as I could, no difference.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on what could be causing this and advice on how I could try resolving.

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It seems like I answered my own question, so I’ll leave this here in case someone else searches and finds it helpful.

I used a 6 foot cable that came with my G9 and it’s working fine. Try to minimize the length if you have weird flickering/artifacting issues!


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