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Level1 Hunting (Monster Hunter World Community Thread)


some streamers already have the build so id assume there’d be a preload too


Maybe people are down to play this at quakecon, sure hope there is a preload Wednesday internet might not be the best first day of the event.


we should replace the minecraft server with a monster hunter squad

at least then it wouldn’t crash daily


no way its gonna be before the fifth, evo streaming and all


Looks like Green Man Gaming is starting to send out keys today for MH:W, so I already got mine activated on steam and I will hope for a pre-load.


ended up just buying mine on steam because my bank flags GmG and g2a as scams


its the afternoon and still no preload, looks like we’ll all just have to set it to DL at midnight


Yeah sadly no preload and looks like it will unlock tomorrow morning at 9AM PDT (Shows about 20 hours left) unless it changes.


noon for me


im glad to finally be able to shake the rust off tho, I’ll make a group and try to post it here so we can all hunt jagras like scrubs together


here’s a steam chat so we can get to business at the appointed hour


How much is big Monster paying you?!?!? /s
I’ve been meaning to play it, I just never have had the opportunity to, maybe I’ll pick it up(?)



investigate deep capcom

pick it up dude it’s the best boss rush game ever made, nothing holds a candle.


T minus 30 minutes



Finally unlocked and downloading it now, about 16.7 GB in total. So hyped to get through the day and play it tonight.


spectrum fucking shit the bed on me so I’m downloading on a mobile tether

2 days into this contract and their modem just loses all its config data


Ugh got delayed a bit tonight, but I am now online and ready to go


I pulled an all nighter for work, installed, played the tutorial, then passed out lol


Wow jagras and kulu are lil bitches

hope they didnt water down anjinath

What is everyone maining? I’m using hammer atm but i might switch to switchaxe


I’ve been using the switch axe for a while, been switching through the different weapons to get a feel for them. Took me a while to actually play through the intro because I was busy tweaking the camera so it didn’t float like crazy on me.


i think you just have to disable that “cinematic” option, set to far, and switch from hard to soft target locking