Level1 Diagnostic: Updating the Hive Wasp 100-C | Level One Techs

ISP = In System Programming. there is a tiny flash memory built into the Atmel AVR microcontroller that powers this light. unfortunately there is a firmware update I want, and I had to jump through some hoops to get it. not to worry. this is level1

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My friend tesla500 did a teardown on the Wasp 250:

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I love these little videos. Was the Wasp like this from the outset? Did they offer any insight as to how something like this got past QC?

On the other hand, it’s cool they sent the factory bootloader to you.

EDIT: I hope to see more of these videos, but that isn’t to say I wish you technical issues :stuck_out_tongue:

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“It is an LED light, it is really cool. It puts out like 300-400 watts of heat but it only uses like 75 watt of electricity”
What is this magical light?

Really interesting light (DMX, yay!) and well done video.

I meant to say that unlike an incandescent that puts out 300-400 watts of heat for this amount of light, it only uses 75 watts. Trying to convey too much with too few words :stuck_out_tongue:



Don’t buy capacitors in bulk with RIDICULOUS markup.


Props to getting the custom bootloader direct from the company!

I’m sure if you got a Chronos 1.4 from my friend tesla500, he could share some stuff with you so you could turn that Linux based high speed camera into something different. The OS just resides on a microSD.