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Level1 @ Computex 2019: AMD - Navi, Ryzen 3000, And Much More! | Level One Techs


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Was there any talk about IPC on the new chips? I saw 15% increase but unsure what that equates to. What about Micro-ATX Boards? My core i9 and new board comes in tomorrow and trying to figure out if I should send that back. Wanting to keep my MicroATX case because I like it.

Looking at the 3900x sepcifically. Need those cores for virtualization, but need IPC for WoW.



Are there any lists for the new Ryzen CPU SKU’s anywhere? I haven’t really been following the 3000 series. Which ones are going to have 12 cores? The 38XX’s?

EDIT: Never mind, it’s the R9. No surprise, but still very cool.

Also, it seems like this image was meme’d into reality.

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Was an ASRock mATX that was meh



There is a computex mega thread check that out

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Oh that pro4 board from ASROCK showing for a nanosecond in the video looks so bad… The IO power is 2 phase (my B350 pro4 have 3 phase IO), no heatsink, the available heatsink looks awful, the entire visual design is horrendous…



CPUZ Benchmarks with pricing