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☕ Level1 Community Update - August


:coffee: Level1 Community Update :coffee:

I figured it was a good time for a small updated and shout out for things people have been up to. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these in the future.

Some Forum Changes

Moderator and Leader Tagging :mega:

You can now mention moderators and leaders with @moderators and @leaders in case you want to get someones attention but don’t think it needs a flag, or is a question, etc. But please remember not to over use it or you’ll just end up with an angry mob of people :smiley:

FAQ Update :question:

The FAQ is missing guidelines on how necros are handled which was brought up the other day, so we’re looking at how those will be handled and will update the FAQ to reflect how they will be handled going forward shortly.

Forum Software Update :computer:

As mentioned a couple of days ago we’ve updated to the most recent software version. This has included some feature updates and a bunch of bug fixes. You can read more here.

We tend to keep up to date with releases, so might only mention it if there are large changes or useful changes for everyone to use.

A New Leader :medal_military:

We are welcoming a new leader to the group, @mutation666

Say hi :wave:

Things Going on From the Community. :night_with_stars:

There’s a bunch of interesting things going on and posted by the community which are worth checking out.

Minecraft Server :video_game:

A Minecraft Galacticraft is up for people that @wendell and co were playing on last weeks stream, you’re welcome to join. (the server info might be TL2 locked on the forum)

Recent Community Game Giveaway :package:

@Dje4321 organised a recent games giveaway (now closed) and with many people contributing keys.

A big thanks to those who contributed keys for the giveaway: @DehydratedSlugs, @Superfish1000, @poly_salama, @AsimpleRadio, @Phantom, @MichaelLindman, @psycho_666, @MFZuul, @SlipperyVagoo, @yourwolfsdengaming, @SgtAwesomeSauce, @S1lent_5am, @NeOZeN, and others.

I’m sure we will have more in the future as well, so keep an eye out.

Learn Blender :art:

Some of This Months Notable Picks :spiral_notepad:

Wiki Guides :writing_hand:


We got @mutation666!

All right!


Hi @mutation666!


Thanks @discobot


QUESTION: What is that leader thing, that @mutation666 have mutated?


@mutation666 actually brought that up as a good question, we don’t really say. I left it out just now because my answer i cant say is the higher ups answer.

Leaders are trust level 4 users on the forum and are manually assigned. You automatically get up to TL3 (member).

Practically leaders have a few more permissions on the forums, they get these on top of what you can get up to TL3

  • Edit all posts
  • Pin/unpin topic
  • Close topic
  • Archive topic
  • Make topic unlisted
  • Split and merge topics

On the L1/ community side, we’ve been giving the leader/TL4 status to people who we think have been helpful/contributed/good members etc. and in return generally we want leaders to lead the community. Be helpful, promote good content they see, help around with housekeeping and help organise little lings like @Dje4321’s giveaway etc.



before anyone asks the necro guidelines are still being fleshed out


Yeah, I remember you doing this some time ago. I don’t know how frequent it should be. Probably community updates could be a thing every three-four months. I think this time frame can be fluid as it depends whether or not there are interesting threads and discussion going on.

Congratulations @mutation666 on your new leader position. You’ll do fine.





Also congrats @mutation666!


5 posts were split to a new topic: Firefox favicon bug


For anyone wondering there is also a discourse tutorial in the works


I don’t mean to brag, but I ordered pizza. :pizza:

OH, also I’m helping @SudoSaibot with his healthy project.


Congrats @mutation666 you lovely SOB.


Topics like this make the forum look alive.
Would love to see more of these (Quarterly maybe?)


I think I agree. I think id like to see pinning or more interesting topics from people in between thought, and then a little update every few months.

btw, a nice little forum bug fix that was added in a recent update is spoilers no longer click through links, so you can click spoilers worry free (except for the worry of that they are)


Hahaha, we are becoming a corporation now…
Investors meeting every quarter, talking about our successes and failures, talking about the expectations for the next quarter, etc etc…


They do it because it works


They do it, because people who give them money want the facts without the bulshit and want to keep track of what’s going on with their money…
Anyways, I don’t mind, but I’m not really sure there’s gonna be enough material for each quarter…