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This is our storage server, at least for the moment. Our needs will evolve over time and so we’ll want flexibility, but we’re doing this companion article for two reasons: One, we’ll detail our setup. Two, and more importantly, we want to detail our thought process as professionals.

Our system is rather formidable to have been made from used, borrowed, surplus and specialty components. We ended up with:
* Dual Xeon X5670, up to 3.33ghz
* 12 cores (24 threads,)
* 192 gb ram
* 102 disk drives
* 10 gig Ethernet
* 4x1gb Ethernet
* Intel 750 SLOGs
* 2-3 gigabytes/sec streaming performance (internal)
* "Wiresepeed" on 10 gig ethernet.

…and more. Is there room to upgrade? Plenty! We could do one of those Xeon 2670 or 2690 builds for sure! More PCIe, more Ethernet! More SSDs! But for now, for our needs, we’re pretty well set we think.

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it certainly doesn't look like crap. It looks amazing.


The video was amazing btw. Watched it on my phone and couldn't get my password manager to work so couldn't comment on the video/patreon page.


Loved the video, the mix of facts and commedy was pretty nice.

Hang tight Wendell, I saw your SOS. I'm coming to save you!


At least your server will work and not crash three times per week like Linus(es, s, Linusxes?! Whaterver)


Loved the video! The little comedy sketch at the end was a nice touch too.

Next year i'm going to be living in a house with some friends and i'm planning to set up a small NAS system along with a pfs sense router, your videos are going to come in handy!

Excellent! Great video.

... those weren't GBIC slots though ; )


I assume video was started a while back but I noticed you said Freenas 10 was the base OS. TeamPGP streams I believe that @wendell said he was now using Fedora for base OS with ZFS.
Either way can not wait for next video of OS and more in depth look at of this side of server.


Now make it so he goes back and forth.

Awesome. Just awesome. More in depth stuff please. And if you can accompany them with a nice written article, even better.

oh the money :)

Yes, taking the time to discuss the theory behind a build is much appreciated. Enjoyed


You gotta flip him so he goes back the other way.


Nobody cares, you're a heretic


I love the video. Very informative and Hysterical. If this is the direction L1 is taking I'm glad I bought a ticket and am along for the ride. This style is a breath of fresh air between the tubers who are too focused on specs, data, etc. and the ones too focused on making their channel a reality show or whatever.

I look forward to the future of L1 techs especially if this is the style they decide to go with. Great job @wendell @kreestuh @ryan


Best video yet. I think i can smell the servers... so good. Oh wait that's mine.

@wendell rip monitor wall