Level of PC needed

I need some help determining what level of PC I need for an application. By "level" I mean whether I need a 5k Best Editing machine or a 1850 Best Gaming PC or a scaled down version of either one. The program I need to run is AutoDesk's Revit Achitecture. My primary goal is to run 2011 with room to improve as technology requirements necessitate. 

Here is the link to the sys reqs: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=15385625&linkID=9243099#section6

Any advice on this issue is appreciated.


so what does this program do?  Is it a server and what other things are you using this computer for?

Revit is a program for 3-D modeling. Architects and engineers are increasing using 3-D loaded with information (google Building Information Modelling, or BIM). I need a pc that can quickly and effeciently handle that task. I do the majority of my media usage on other platforms. If I could use this build to jump from console to PC gaming, thats a plus as well.

Sir i think this may be something we just are not qualified to give you advice on, for gaming we cna help out even in video editing but you are talking programs that 99% of us have never had experience with. It would not be fair to give you advice, we will try to bump this thread up some to see if anyone with experience in those programs can give you some ideas on what you will need,

Ok ya I don't know about cad type programs he may want to look at like xeon cpu and some kind of work station graphics card but ask someone that knows more about this like john said.

You basically want a Xeon base workstations with an Nvidia GPU. Quadro works good for modeling but cost an arm leg and nut. You can get away with a regular geforce card as well. CUDA will help rendering but the Quadro will out perform the GTX in autocad applications but just by a hair.  (I have autodesk as well).