Level 1 VR play time / review

Having watched the recent streams of VR. I was not impressed at what $1500 gets you. I did some youtube googling of VR Skyrim and while funny looks broken as well.

Why are the VR games so manifestly shit as in totally shit.


Beat Saber actually looked kinda fun.

I forgot the whole story. But some guy created a company that hosts a FPS VR shooting arcade at malls. Although I think it’s only one mall now. It’s really cool.

Beat saber seems good if you like that style of game

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Id agree but for for the price. Beat saber is a gimmick. Fun not still not even a token of what VR should do and it is 2019 now. VR is old.

You see stuff like below. But in reality the games are ?

I have the regular Vive, got it for about 500 USD, for that I’ve been pretty happy with it.

While I agree there are not many good games for the platform currently Beat Saber is among the best. Gorn is also pretty fun, if you have the space for it.

Currently have about 70 hours into Beat Saber and it’s been a blast when friends or family are over.

I played 3d games with CPU graphics like duke nukem with

In the 90’s.

The pole dancers where more fun in 3d

I would have bought a helmet but Voodoo passthrough VGA came out.

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Vr is still low adoption and early tech

Still DOA as I see it. 20 years later.

I mean Vive Pro is the point where i think headsets are good enough and I could easly go buy one but its too expensive for the games that are out there. Also on top of it being expensive you need space and thats more expensive then it


Maybe cockpit games like space sims and car racing would work.

Perhaps L1 will try them before returning the VR gear.

I don’t know if you ever saw one. But it’s this thing for babies and you put them in there and strap them in and it has wheels so they can be wheeled around.

Someone made something like that, but instead of strapping in a baby, it straps in you. So you wouldn’t need a whole room of space, as you are contained in one spot as the thingy doesn’t roll.

It’s cool as it can detect if you are running or walking and I think crouching and jumping as well.

It looks like this. But the one I saw had straps.


Seen reviews needs more polish before its actually viable.

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I dont know if there would be any issues with seeing your controllers (shifter / wheel location ) would be a detracting thing or not (could easily be fixed with some VR dots)

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Cost is probably stupid on that

A friend of mine has a Vive, is okay but too heavy and the game selection is mediocre at best.
Some games make use of the monitor running to make it into sort of a group game. Was okay fun at one LAN hosted at uni.

VR is DOA, early access at best.
Until GPUs get some love, especially multi-gpu rendering to get the FPS and resolution up to required levels.

I agree but as it stands now suspending believe you can’t walk is not as bad and sitting in a chair with a steering wheel and gear stick you cant see.

Id agree VR is Stupid because there are no games worth playing.

That could maybe be fixed in software. The vive can give you a 3D placeholder for the real world.
All it needs is positional awareness of the controller and modells to represent them in VR.

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