Level 1 podcast larger *legal* distribution?

So on the latest edition of the news wendell and ryan talk about how there exist a podcast where they just talk about stuff, which I found that older pgp filled the niche when they had like 2 people watching. Now I wish I had the cash, but as a student I am broke entirely, so @wendell @kreestuh is there plans for the future for distribution with ads or will this stay for patrons? If anybody thinks otherwise or agrees I would like to hear the forums opinion.



As a 7 USD per month Patron I am a little bitter, but this is for 19 USD and over contributors.

I know, but I am asking if there is enough want that this could find its way to cheaper or free forms of distrobution given enough time away, like how linux used vessel and us currently using floatplane.

Given time, I could see it being lowered to a cheaper tier. For now, pay up sucker.

If I’m allowed to, I’d pass on the podcast. I don’t mind.
I’d need permission to do it though.

As a patreon, I think there should be like a 1 week or 2 delay on giving to the rest of the partreons.

Also @KoalaAteMySnack

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Yeah I saw that, but are they for real or just messing around? It kind of plays out like they were just joking.

Pretty sure they were cool with it, but they also dont want to loose people from that tier due to them not being strict on how/who distributes the link. I think a longer delay for lower tier patreons is good followed by general release. They spend the time to make the content but then only a small % gets to view the content they put so much time into. Seems like a waste to me, but I wont cry one way or another.

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What the heck is distrobution?

distribution is what OP meant. Thx spelling police

I am glad to be of help @mutation666. Hopefully, the title will be corrected soon.

Maybe next time you can do it a bit more politely, and just be like @omega_alpha_psi your title has a spelling mistake, instead of “Whats this, I am just so stupid that I couldn’t tell what OP meant”


Maybe next time I will do just what I did this time. I think I will.

Well then that’d be rude.

Please play nice, guys.