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Who is Thanos and why does s/he matter in my world?

A crapy super hero villain who people think is deep, but isn’t.

He doesn’t.

this sounds like a more intelligent version of

@BookrV feel free to use anything from here


When the op is not a fa g got, he is the big gay.

–4chan user, 30 seconds ago

@anotherriddle is this like the lounge, but without all the memes and anime?

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TL;DR: yes

It is intended as a space for interesting, more rich discussions. We have named it after a scholar conference of philosophy. So if you want to discuss some interesting topics go right ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:

The plan is to also have votes for specific topics and we will make separate threads for those. The current topic thread is here:

and the poll thread where we take suggestions for future topics is here:

Although, at the moment it is a bit of an experiment. So far it mostly works but we plan on improving it.

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Worked that out yesterday (brain fart) waiting to see the specialist and then all the stress in life fell away and now I don’t give a …
I got this far in life to crack it. Yesterday of all times and then to read this in a forum. whats those odds??

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If I had to narrow it down I think it would be interesting to talk about either

“Is it possible to even detect if we are in a simulation”


“Ultimately does it even matter if we are in a simulation”

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confirmation bias :wink:
if you want that question to be up for vote, add it to the proposal and poll list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Thanks @BookrV for making the poll! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible that you missed the following topic proposals? I’m not quite up to speed yet.

  • simulation hypothesis -> “Is it possible to even detect if we are in a simulation” / “Ultimately does it even matter if we are in a simulation”
  • If you take your brain, split it in half, and put it into two separate bodies
    (Assuming they both live) which one is you?
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My pleasure.

also rejected, as we have the question of what is real and reality in the topic. so those two are bundled together. doesnt make much sense to discuss what is real to then discuss what is simulated. We need to be extra precise on that one, but that only teaches us to do so.

i reject this for following reasons:
not precise enough as a topic as the question that is fundamentally asked is not phrased and therefore is rejected, contains an assumption that when taken in consideration may be even untrue itself basing the whole discussion not on true ground

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I know what you mean and I agree with your reasoning. However, want to avoid rejecting proposals. For the next vote/ proposal round I’ll make a clear guide for the format of topic proposals. At the moment it’s still a bit unorganized but we’ll do better with time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, we do have some need for this and we dont have that at the moment.

Like the pendantic person that i am, i push for maximum precision when it comes to topics so we know what we are actually discussing.


I am all for rejecting proposals on the grounds that they need to be clearly asked and lacking in assumptions/vague notions. Perhaps on rejection an explanation and possible corrections could be suggested?


Let’s do all of that next time, for now @BookrV got shit done and made a poll so let’s roll with it.


Which kind of missed? :thinking: :wink:

In case you overlooked it, I’m sorry, I planned to mention the vote in the lounge but I was kind of busy around christmas and now I’m trying to get back on my feet. I hope I’ll do a better job next time.


I when I log in I look at new posts quickly, then " unread " posts… I may have overlooked the thread. I dont look at particular sections of the forum.

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Yes … its like a more intelligent lounge where intellectual ideas and philosophies are exchanged without the need of slinging through memes and generally autistic shit posting behavior… “no that there is anything wrong with that” - Seinfeld

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we have a draw
What should we do now?

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I would have said we take both topics.

But finding the one topic works too :v:

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