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No he wasn’t, if he could DELET half of people with a snap of fingers, y u no create more resources.

Also they have FTL travel, unless the universe is finite, they have infinite resources.

Also even if universe is finite, they kinda can create matter with “magic” so they can ea silly farm black holes for long-ass term energy.

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Not when you can change reality. Make food infinite.
Make ores/resources replenish themselves.
Instead of houses, have people live in different pocket dimensions to account for space issues.

Solves resource and overpopulation problems

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You only prolong the inevitable. Population is always in flux. Whether its sickness or war or something else.

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This is not true. Any population hits a pop ceiling, that ceiling depends on available resources.


The inevitable what? Resource shortage? They’re unlimited because reality bending magic. Out of space? Space is infinite when you can pop into your own dimension.


I agree! I just had to make up a couple of examples. All proposals will be in the poll in the end.

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Someone just wants to show of their lobster knowledge.


apart from that:

to question what something is, my feeling is that you go mostly into descriptive terms instead of clarifying a clear path to something that has pragmatic and real life usability, which I widely prefer.

But we vote on this one way or another, so we’ll see if it comes up or not. And maybe we even need to discuss this as we are all keen learning little lobsters who have meaning in their lifes and dont need to find it.

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Thanks for all your suggestions in topic and proposal thread.

@SIGSEGV @denstieg it might be better to have the general discussions over here and only have the topic ideas in the proposals and polls thread. Maybe you also want to suggest a topic. :slightly_smiling_face: When I have time I’ll ask someone to move the non proposal posts over.

Great suggestion! Do you mind narrowing down the scope or to define a complete topic suggestion? This is a big topic! This is also for everyone else, the better the starting material, the better the discussion.


Okay, so we need to clarify if the argue over “killing half the population because of scarce resources” or “killing half the population because of scarce resources in a world with aliens and magic and stuff” because im not arguing in the latter.

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The prompt was “was Thanos right”. Which would Imply that we were talking about that world. But I’m up for discussing it the other way as well.


ah, okay, i thought that was the “most common denominator” for the underlying problem.

I just think its way more and too complicated to discuss a though topic with magic and such.

Depends on your morality I guess, if it’s absolute one, then you don’t think that cause > means. If your means to achieve a good cause is genocide, sorry I am not up for that.

I would discuss “Was Thanos right?” in a dedicated topic.

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Who is Thanos and why does s/he matter in my world?

A crapy super hero villain who people think is deep, but isn’t.

He doesn’t.

this sounds like a more intelligent version of

@BookrV feel free to use anything from here


When the op is not a fa g got, he is the big gay.

–4chan user, 30 seconds ago

@anotherriddle is this like the lounge, but without all the memes and anime?

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TL;DR: yes

It is intended as a space for interesting, more rich discussions. We have named it after a scholar conference of philosophy. So if you want to discuss some interesting topics go right ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:

The plan is to also have votes for specific topics and we will make separate threads for those. The current topic thread is here:

and the poll thread where we take suggestions for future topics is here:

Although, at the moment it is a bit of an experiment. So far it mostly works but we plan on improving it.

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