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Level 1 Philosophikum

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@anotherriddle said

“We should have a place to discuss Ideas in a deep, rich and serious manner in a way, that we can explain our thoughts that is better accessible than in the Lounge, where every deep thought is bombarded with memes and anime lewd.”

So in this spirit, this shall be the place.

will make a poll so we have monthly (or maybe bi-weekly?) topics that will discuss by all participants.

So let’s be brave and speak our being forward as the great thinkers in the old times did to resurrect our enlightenment in this trying time.


Ahhh a place to stretch the brain muscles.


There ya go! :sunglasses:

we’ll discuss the details later but I think this is going to be interesting!


I hope it works out. Could be quite nice to hear different opinions on thinking’s in a civil place.


To keep things civil:

How to argue on the internet.


Do you think we should separate topics into different threads? And how often would it make sense to do the vote?

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Good idea.



Something like threadname: [topic]

Maybe a bi-weekly vote on topics, max. 4 topics at a time.


I was thinking of having the general discussion in here and maybe update your top level post with the poll link, so everyone can see it.

I’m not exactly sure if I understand correctly. This way for example?:
Level1 Philosophicum: [Occam's razor]

Also, should we take ideas for voting in here or make a separate thread like with the lounge names?

Do you really think we should close the threads? I don’t think we will have that many posts for that to be a problem. Maybe we should worry about that if it becomes a problem.

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Yes, in that manner we dont lose track of topics in one thread when we have dedicaded threads.

What do you mean with general discussion and polls?

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Well, to close and topics after x time could be healthy and we can poll whether we close a topics or keep it going.

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With general discussion I meant any philosophising about stuff that does not fit an existing topic thread.

We need to put the polls for the bi-weekly or monthly vote on topics somewhere.

No idea what makes most sense, just wanted to bounce some ideas.

Yes that can happen in this thread. That would be good.

Maybe have a dedicated thread for polls, votes and topics. So we have it separated from discussion.

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sounds good, then let’s do that!

should I make a thread for the time discussion or should we start off with the vote on the next topic?

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I think like a thread for the first topic. The we see what it will be about and who will contribute.

not exactly sure what you mean :thinking:

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I mean the thread for votes and pools and such.

It bad at writing, kinda drunk and on mobile

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Poll thread: Level 1 Philosophicum [topic proposals and polls]

Do it like Devember. This be the thread for general discussion and links to other topics, whilst the topics of discussion can have the Philosophikum tag.

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someone didn’t read the first paragraph :wink:
now you’ll need to change that post into a topic proposal :grin:

We will do the vote before the end of this month but I would like some of your proposed topics too. That is what the thread over there is for.

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