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Level 1 Philosophicum [topic proposals and polls]

If you take your brain, split it in half, and put it into two separate bodies
(Assuming they both live) which one is you?


or better yet is even your brain you? is the mind separate from the biology that “made” it? your body does things that are in the interest of you but the mind has more control? is the biology making your choices or is your mind?

  • How to find meaning in life?

I think that is a better proposal to discuss.

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I am the right kind of crazy to confirm that at least in my case I can be certain my physical brain has nothing to do with my identities. Really it is just the piece of hardware we are stuck running on.


i like this but this is not a place to discuss just a suggestion board

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Can we do one on the simulation hypothesis. I think the conversations would be rather interesting.


Are you there yet to see “your” thoughts are not yours but just a field of all thoughts?, and that your ego grabbs them to make them “yours”

There has been research that determened that desicions are made befor the brain kicks in, some times by seconds not miliseconds so free will is taken into question.

again this is not a place for discussion


How did life begin?

  • How did life begin? How we define life precisely?
  • What is Meaning and how to incorporate in life?
  • What is “real” and how we deal with “reality”?
  • What is “technological progress” and is it a net positive for all?
  • Is Okhams Razor the best heuristic in scientific processes?

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1 hour left to vote




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I missed this thread.

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For February we need a new Poll, that will open on the 24th so we have a week to vote, so we need topics to vote on.

So I would say:

Post topics you want to discuss but as I debated with @anotherriddle you have to state the question in a relatively condensed form, meaning: think about the root question you wanna ask and articulate that accordingly.


Reasons that I will reject your Topic:

  • The topic/question too vaguely, meaning too much room for interpreting what is the core question
  • The topic/question based on an assumption that is neither proven nor based on facts or relating studies
  • The topic/question is closely related to another topic that has been proposed '1
  • The topic/question was already discussed '2
  • The topic/question is obviously not serious nature and is used for trolling
  • The topic/question violates the forums roles and/or guidelines '3

'1 (To mitigate this, find a way of formulation your topic and the already proposed topic so we can argue the root topic, since you proven that there are more dimensions to the question, or you and the other user need to be more specific in your question)

'2 (You can ask that you already articulated thoughts on that matter will find their way into the thread. This will not open the thread again.)

'3 (this will be reported to the authorities)

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I am not sure if the following topic proposal fits the format, but this is why we have a vote and I tried to think of something that is a bit closer to other content on the forum. I am also subject to the rules. If you guys think it does not fit, it won’t go on the poll. Also, @BookrV I think we should add the topics to the next poll that did not make it the last time.

[Question/Topic Proposal]

What are the inherent benefits and drawbacks of any "open source model" compared to any "closed source model"?

Definitions of terms for the context of the discussion:

  • inherent:
    inbuilt on a fundamental level; The point is not to discuss specific open source projects and why they are good or bad, but the effects of the property that source code is available and lawfully modifyable.
  • open source model:
    Any content (software, hardware, text …) that is published/ distributed in a way where the source code or other means of building the final piece of content either is available or can be accessed on request and be legally modified and redistributed.
  • closed source model:

I am thinking about overall benefits for humanity, maybe rate of progress, competitive viability, …


Poll for the Philosophicum topic for February

    • What is meaning and how do we incorporate it in life?
    • What is a good working definition for life? - in this context: when did life begin?
    • Is “Okhams razor” a good heuristic in the scientific process?
    • What is “real” and how to deal with the concept of “reality”?
    • What are the inherent benefits and drawbacks of any “open source model” compared to any “closed source model”?

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