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Level 1 Philosophicum [topic proposals and polls]



This is a companion thread to “Level 1 Philosophicum”. Anything that is not a topic request goes over there.

Any ideas for the next discussion topic of the philosophicum can go here. We will have a vote every month on the next topic. (

The idea behind the Level1 philosophicum is to discuss ideas and topics of philosophy (in a wider sense) like nature, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The idea behind this thread originated from a discussion in the lounge started by @akaiotak and @tsk about the nature of time and whether it is real. Further example topics would be

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is technological progress a net positive for humanity?
  • When is something “real”?
  • Is Occam’s Razor a universally good heuristic in science?
  • Was Thanos right?

Add as much detail to your topic as you think is needed but also have one headline.

Level1 Philosophicum: [Is time just a human construct?]
Level 1 Philosophikum
Level 1 Philosophikum
Level 1 Philosophikum

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If you take your brain, split it in half, and put it into two separate bodies
(Assuming they both live) which one is you?


or better yet is even your brain you? is the mind separate from the biology that “made” it? your body does things that are in the interest of you but the mind has more control? is the biology making your choices or is your mind?

  • How to find meaning in life?

I think that is a better proposal to discuss.

Level 1 Philosophikum

I am the right kind of crazy to confirm that at least in my case I can be certain my physical brain has nothing to do with my identities. Really it is just the piece of hardware we are stuck running on.


i like this but this is not a place to discuss just a suggestion board



Can we do one on the simulation hypothesis. I think the conversations would be rather interesting.

Level 1 Philosophikum

Are you there yet to see “your” thoughts are not yours but just a field of all thoughts?, and that your ego grabbs them to make them “yours”


There has been research that determened that desicions are made befor the brain kicks in, some times by seconds not miliseconds so free will is taken into question.


again this is not a place for discussion




How did life begin?

  • How did life begin? How we define life precisely?
  • What is Meaning and how to incorporate in life?
  • What is “real” and how we deal with “reality”?
  • What is “technological progress” and is it a net positive for all?
  • Is Okhams Razor the best heuristic in scientific processes?

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Level1 Philosophicum: [What is "technological progress" and is it a net positive for all?]

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I missed this thread.